Today, the ladies that I work with and I went to Commander’s Palace for our Christmas party. Can I just quote Rachael Ray for a second and shout “YUM-O!!!” It was delicious!! I think it is the fanciest restaurant I have ever eaten at. When you arrive at your table, there are people there who pull your chair out for you and then put your napkin in your lap! It was great!! Needless to say, I have been like a kid in a candy store this week in excitement over FINALLY getting to eat at Commander’s. I took several pictures (surprise surprise…) and will post them below. The only thing I didn’t take a picture of was my TURTLE SOUP! I love turtle soup and told Travis on Monday that I was definitely going to order that while I was there. It didn’t disappoint either- it was delicious! But enough of that…now for the delectable pictures that will have you drooling all over yourself…(captions are below the pictures)

Me with my entree- The Commander’s Grill (it was red beans, salad, vinigarette (spelling?), duck, sausage, and veal) and it was FANTASTIC!

Close-up shot of my lunch…the veal is at the bottom, sausage to the left, and duck to the right.

My dessert- Bread Pudding Souffle and it was FABULOUS!

Another dessert one of the ladies ordered- Creme Brulee. I LOVE the Fleur de lis! So Nawlins!

The chandeliers that I want in my house one day. They were wooden with moving “wicks.” They are electrical bulbs but they alternative swaying slightly from side to side to give the illusion of flickering flames. SO COOL!

If you go during Christmas at lunch, you are given a Commander’s bell when you walk in. I love my bell and will hang it somewhere in the apartment once I determine where I want it. You can’t really tell from the picture, but the ribbon says “Commander’s Palace” repeatedly.

If you are ever down in Nawlins around lunchtime, I would highly recommend heading over to Commander’s. Obviously, it is a fine dining establishment (according to Travis it is 1 of the 2 five-star restaurants down here) and so you will take your time eating which I enjoyed. Also, the prices are much more reasonable at lunch than they would be at supper. My meal (soup, entree, dessert) totalled $24.50 but there were cheaper items and much more expensive items- I was in the middle of the price range. Great food and good times with great friends/co-workers! But the best part…it was FREE!!