The above video is a recording of the cajun Christmas story, A Cajun Night Before Christmas. I recorded this at Celebration in the Oaks which is a large Christmas lights show that you can walk around in at City Park. Please forgive all of the shaking…

 Also, the same night we went to Celebration in the Oaks, we participated in their annual 2 mile walk/run prior to looking at this lights. Last year, Travis and I did this with some good friends of ours, Justin and Melinda Langford, and had so much fun we decided to do it again this year. This year, we convinced my parents to walk with us. They had fun…we even took Peeper! Since all the participants are given numbers to wear, I made Peeper a number and he wore it in the walk…he just didn’t walk- Travis carried him the whole time because he was acting like his legs hurt. Silly pup! Anyway, below are some pictures of the walk that my dad and I took. To see additional pictures, click on the bottom photo (it looks different than the others) and it will take you to the online album. Enjoy!

Celebration in the Oaks 2007