I have been tagged by my friend Theresa and have to share 5 random things about me…

1. I eat my foods one item at a time counter-clockwise on my plate and I spin my plate so that my favorite part of the meal (excluding dessert!) is the last thing that I eat.

2. When I am alone for extended periods of time, I’ve been known to blast Christmas music (when not Christmas season) and clean the apartment while dancing and singing.

3. I have some natural red highlights in my hair and therefore, if I ever want to go blonder I have to be careful or I will end up with pumpkin orange hair. GROSS!

4. My all-time favorite relaxation activity is to go sit on “my rock” on Dauphin Island, AL, close my eyes, and listen to waves hit “my rock.” I haven’t done this in 6 years but it is BY FAR my favorite place on earth!

5. I can make my eyes shake and make my tongue form the letter “W”

I now tag Joy, Jenny, and Amanda.