Welcome to 2008! It is looking to be a crazy, exciting, busy, and fun time in our lives. I am going to cut to the chase and let everyone know that our family is growing! Peeper is going to have a little brother or sister- not of the 4 legged variety either!! We found out this past Sunday and are super excited (as are our moms and dads- this will the first on each side.) We were bummed to not be able to tell both sets of parents in person. We left Travis’ parents on Jan. 1 and didn’t find out anything until Jan. 6th! Therefore, Travis called and told them and his mom was so excited that she cried! We waited ALL WEEK (super hard thing to do) and told my parents yesterday in person. Actually, we didn’t tell them…Peeper did! I wanted to include him since he is an important part of our family and he shared the news excellently! 

Here is what we did… We wrote on 1 pacifier “I’ll be a big brother” and then wrote on a 2nd one “on 9-14-08.”

We were watching the Patriots play football and everyone (including my grandma) was in the room and Travis told Peeper there was something in my purse for him. So they went over to my purse and plundered for a bit and Travis put his collar with the pacifiers on it around his neck.

He then jumped in my lap and went over to my mom’s. She kept asking, “what’s that on his collar?” and when she read them, she looked at me and said, “Are you pregnant?” and when I said, “yes,” she immediately picked up her cell phone and called half of Mississippi, all of South Carolina, and half of North Carolina. It was hilarious! My grandma just looked at me and said, “Are you serious?” and when I told her we were she just laughed. It was priceless!!Anyway, that is all we know right now. I go for my first doctor’s visit on Feb. 1st. I am 5 weeks along and feeling great. I hope that continues! I do get tired in the early afternoon and don’t have problems falling asleep at night, but I am not complaining about being sleepy. I love sleep! I ended up taking 2 pregnancy tests because Travis didn’t believe me- so if you need additional proof, here is is:

In other news, Travis used his Christmas money to buy a lathe and some wood turning tools. He is currently set up in our other bedroom, which will eventually be transformed into a nursery, but not immediately. That way, he can continue to make things. He has made some AWESOME pens so far. I will tell you more about those later! Here is a picture of him playing on his lathe.

Also, Travis’ mom finished off my Willow Tree nativity this Christmas. I had all the main parts (Mary, Joseph, Jesus, shepherds, wise men, and the creche) but she finished it by giving me the new animals that were added this year (goat and ox,) the angel and angel stand, and the star backdrop. I leave this nativity up year-round because I love it so much and am so excited to have the “complete set.” When we returned from our travels, I think arranging and rearranging my new pieces and my old ones was the first thing I did. Needless to say, I was excited! Here is a picture of the entire thing!

I also pooled my Christmas cash and my spending money and got a hard-drive video camera. We are super-excited about this camera and both enjoy using it. Get ready for some videos to be added to our blog- especially once Boudreaux makes its appearance.