Well, to add to the chaos (err…excitement) of our life this year, we want to let our blog readers know that we are moving (and NOT to another apartment on campus!) We are moving to Wake Forest, NC!! Travis has accepted a position at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (SEBTS) and his first day will be Mar. 3rd. His title will be Research and Assessment Coordinator. To quickly describe the job, he will be in charge of all the accreditation “stuff” for SEBTS. Accreditation is important for schools because it makes their degrees worth something. He will also be an adjunct professor and so he will be able to teach some as well! We are excited about this opportunity. We REALLY want to own our own home by the time Boudreaux arrives, but housing is SO EXPENSIVE up there that I think we are going to live in seminary housing for the time being and figure out our new budget and save up money for a down payment. We will leave New Orleans at the end of February for our 14 hour move. However, SEBTS has hired a moving company for us and therefore, we won’t have to pack a single box!! WOO HOO! That is what I am most excited about! HAHAHA!! Anyway, obviously, we will keep everyone posted but whenever you are in the Wake Forest area, give us a call!!