We arrived in Wake Forest this past Friday. Our stuff arrived via the truck in the picture above on Saturday. We had some interesting movers and a couple of stories to tell about them. First of all, we actually had the same guys box and unload our stuff (we’ve been told that is kind of rare.) Travis was with them in New Orleans as they boxed and here is a conversation he overheard:
Guy 1: I can’t believe we’re in New Orleans. I didn’t realize it was so close to Nashville.
Guy 2: New Orleans isn’t close to Nashville. New Orleans is in Louisiana.
Guy 1: New Orleans isn’t in Louisiana, it is its own state.
Guy 2: New Orleans isn’t its own state! It is the capital of Louisiana!
Guy 1: Really?
Guy 2: Yes
Guy 1: Boy do I feel stupid!

(Guy 1 is the one on the right and Guy 2 is the one of the left)

You can tell by the conversation above our movers weren’t playing with a full deck. Well, they apparently have eventful lives as well…

When they arrived in Wake Forest, there were 6 people in the cab of the truck (actually these 6 people were in the truck in New Orleans too, but anyways…) The six people were, the driver (aka Guy 2 in above story,) a black guy (aka Guy 1 in above story,) an older man (Raymond,) an older woman (Raymond’s girlfriend,) older woman’s daughter (aka Guy 2’s girlfriend,) and daughter’s 7 month old baby. I think it was a bit packed in there! Well, about 2 hours before they were finished, the driver (Guy 2) and his girlfriend had a domestic dispute. Guy 2 handled it well (I think) by keeping his hands behind his back the whole time his girlfriend was yelling at him. Guy 1 was trying to keep her from attacking Guy 2 by trying to hold her back. Well, she was twice his size so she busted out of his grips. She slapped Guy 2 in the face (left a LARGE red mark) and grabbed the collar of his shirt and ripped it. Guy 2 changed his shirt and continue unloading our stuff. About an hour and a half later, campus security showed up along with Wake Forest City Police!!! One of our neighbors had called the police because of the domestic dispute and after questioning people, they left and our workers continued working.

Later that night, a couple that lives in the building beside us came over to introduce themselves. We asked if they were the ones who called the police and the wife replied, “No, we thought they were our new neighbors!!” Needless to say, Travis and I had a good laugh at that!

So in the 3 days we’ve been here, we have had quite an interesting day. I am going to close with 2 pictures of Peeper. One is him having fun in a pile of paper that our dishes were wrapped in. We would take the dish out of the paper, drop the paper on the floor, and Peeper would run in from the patio (his new favorite place) to grab the paper and take it outside to shred. He had a blast. The last picture is of him on the patio in his favorite spot. Enjoy!!