Well, they say a picture is worth a thousand words. Therefore, there will be lots of pictures in the post to give our faithful blog readers a quick insight into our lives so far this month.

Since I don’t have a picture for the baby update, I will list it first. I went to the doctor this morning for a glucose tolerance test. Since I’ve had problems regulating my blood sugar thus far, the doc wanted to do an early glucose test just to make sure it was a gestational diabetes issue that I am dealing with and was, in fact, low blood sugar. For those of you who have had this test, it doesn’t get me out of the normal one that is done in the 3rd trimester- I just get the privilege of doing it twice. YAY ME! I haven’t heard anything back (obviously) but if it comes back as me having diabetes, then I will update the blog. I really think it is a low blood sugar thing, so I am not too concerned. That stuff was GROSS! I am a diet soda drinker and, honestly, don’t eat a lot of sugary things so it felt like I was drinking super-concentrated Hawaiian Punch, a drink I am not fond of anyway. EWW! And to think, I will have to do it again in 12 more weeks- joy joy…Ok, on to the photos…

The above picture is of Peeper’s NEW favorite place to spend the day. He LOVES to lay on the pile of blankets in our bedroom and has made himself a “Peeper-size” nest. I think it is too cute!

When Travis comes home after work, Peeper is so happy to see him. After supper, we will chill out on the couch and Peeper and Travis will play. I was working at my desk one night and turned around to see Peeper laying on his back (something he doesn’t do too often) just chewing on Travis’ fingers, therefore, I had to get a picture of it. I love his pink belly!

If anyone ever wonders what an exhausted Peeper looks like, the above photo shows it well. I don’t remember what we had been doing, but he was give out!

My two guys are working together to e-file our taxes. I think Peeper enjoyed the huge calculator that I found at Wal-Mart for $1. I love that thing! I can almost see the numbers without my glasses! HA!

Last weekend, there was an awesome consignment sale for baby and toddler stuff here in Wake Forest. On Sunday, almost everything was 50% off, so we went up there on Saturday to “scope it out” and see if there was anything we wanted. We found a couple of items but decided to come back on Sunday to get the stuff at half price. We showed up on Sunday and the stroller we liked was gone, but they still had the car seat we really liked and a bouncer that I really liked. For people familiar with Chicco car seats, the car we got is sold in stores for $160 and we paid $80 (it was one of the few things that wasn’t 50% off- boo but still a great price) the bouncer ended up being $10 and I LOVE the baby papasan look. When we got them out of the car, we set them in our living room to let Peeper get used to them. He walked around them, for FOREVER, sniffing and scoping them out. We LOVE our car seat the most and are impressed that you can’t even tell it has ever been used!!

There is a store in Wake Forest, The Mixing Bowl, that allows you to go their store and fix your suppers. When we first discovered this place, we thought it was a super-yuppy place that would be SUPER expensive and way out of our budget. Well, we investigated further and discovered it was actually very affordable and tremendously helped our budget and dinner preparation. Here is a quick summary of how this works…I go to their website and sign up for a “session” (when I can come fix my meals), pick my entrees and anything else I want, and pay. It is $18 per large order of an entree (serves 5-6) or $12 for a half order (serves 3-4.) We did large orders because we can get 3 meals out of each one and it comes out to $3 a person PER SUPPER! I can’t beat that via grocery shopping! I can also order sides and desserts, but they seemed a bit expensive because they are already put together for you. Therefore, I do my own sides, which is super cheap. Travis and I went together, split the meals up, and we out of there in 55 minutes with 7 suppers- enough to last us 21 days unless we have friends over. We made breaded pork chops, sicilian meatloaf, chicken cordon bleu casserole, bourbon ginger chicken, chinese chicken, stuffed manicotti, and sausage penne casserole. We put those in our rolling cooler and then put them in our freezer once we got home. Now, I just thaw one and cook it and we have leftovers for some extra suppers. Mostly, the cooking is just throwing the meal in the oven- super easy! We had the pork chops tonight and they were fabulous!!! The best thing (other than the $3/meal part) is that I don’t have to try to find space in our kitchen with basically no countertops to make meals and we don’t have to grocery shop and buy random items that are needed for one recipe and then just sits in our kitchen until we need it again (if that time ever comes.) In the picture above, the items stacked together on the right side are the items we made- we put labels on them once we assemble them that gives us the directions about heating it and let us know what is inside. We love it and highly recommend it if there is such a place in your area.