Happy Tuesday!

Since I am sure you all are sitting on the edge of your seats waiting to know the sex of our baby (aka “Boudreaux,”) I am going to make you wait just a bit longer…HA! We do know the sex and you will find out that nugget of information somewhere in this post- you will just have to keep reading in order to find it!

We have settled into our apartment. There are still organization “issues” to work through but, for the most part, everything is organized. We love the Wake Forest,NC area. It is beautiful. Travis loves the cooler weather and Stephanie is loving the tulips that are EVERYWHERE right now. It is so beautiful! Stephanie’s allergies are not loving NC, but had been anticipating that. Since she is pregnant, she can’t take her Zyrtec which made the earth livable for her, so she goes everywhere with a pack of Kleenex’s right now. We thought New Orleans had a lot of pollen- boy, were we wrong! Our car is almost green from all the pollen. Our county is under water restrictions and therefore, finding a car wash to wash the pollen off is next to impossible (it is illegal to wash your car in your yard right now, due to the restrictions.) Therefore, we just wait on the rain to clean off the car.

Travis loves his job handling all the accreditation matters at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. He gets to play with numbers and generate reports almost daily, so he is in hog heaven. Currently, his “office” is a storage closet (no joke!) but he should be moving sometime before the baby arrives. The seminary is building a new office building and once it is complete, offices in his building will be shuffled and he will have a real office complete with a desk and bookshelves! We are hoping that once the new school year rolls around, he will be able to teach a class or two as adjuct faculty. It is a part of his job description, but since it is an adjunct position, it mainly depends on when they need him. He has loved getting back to UNC country and being able to watch UNC basketball and the ACC tournament on TV. His dad is working on clearing out one of the “workshops” at their house for him to continue doing woodworking. Travis is super excited about this workshop because it will enable him to have all of his tools spread out and not have to worry about vacuuming everything up every time he does anything. He also will not have to keep boxing things up. He is hoping to start working on pens this weekend when he goes to visit his parents.

Stephanie loves her job, or lack thereof, too. She thinks it is funny that she feels like it isn’t going to be a good day if it doesn’t start with an hour of Andy Griffith. She and Peeper have fun working on the apartment during the day and taking frequent play breaks to play fetch with one of Peeper’s stuffed animals. They also enjoy sitting on the back deck and enjoying an afternoon snack together. Can we just say that Peeper is really enjoying not having to live in his crate day in and day out anymore? Her parents visited last week and brought up the crib and some other nursery furniture. While Travis was at work, the nursery was put together and the furniture was arranged. She thinks it is really cool that Boudreaux will get to sleep in the same crib that she did (and, yes, it meets current safety specifications!)

Peeper is doing well. His life consists of sleeping on the couch throughout the day and playing HARD when he is awake. Wake Forest has a dog park where he can play off his leash inside of a fence with other small dogs. He seems to enjoy it, although at times he has some autistic tendencies and goes off on his own to study trees. I guess that is what you get when you try to get a squirrel dog to play in an area without squirrels! He also gets to play with his friend Nino again and they love to chase each other in circles in Nino’s backyard. Nino’s parents lived in the same apartment building as us in New Orleans and now Travis and Shane work together again, so we have all been reunited.

Now for the Boudreaux update, everything is going well with the pregnancy thus far. Stephanie had to have a blood sugar test 2 weeks ago, which came back normal. She has been having low blood sugar problems but that is it- no morning sickness or anything of the sort. At her last check up she was 16 weeks and had only gained 8 pounds and the doctor said that was great. Her main food craving, if you call it a craving, is for mashed potatoes and we have found a place here that has a great cheap buffet with mashed potatoes constantly on the food line. She is now 18 weeks and has been feeling Boudreaux move since last Saturday, April 5th. We went to a Chinese restaurant and Boudreaux turned cartwheels the whole time we were there. At church this past Sunday, more cartwheels were turned during the music and while the orchestra played at the beginning. Maybe we have a chinese food-loving, future Juilliard student in the making? One can only hope…at the least, maybe Boudreaux will like to play the cello (that is Steph’s wish.) Anyway, we had THE ultrasound today and the baby is a boy! We are super excited and Steph is looking forward to being a “soccer mom” and Travis is looking forward to having a woodworking buddy! Below is a picture of Samuel Augustus Wright (aka “Sam”) showing his profile. He is about 5 inches long and weighs 10 oz. The thing that cracked us up at the ultrasound was the size of his feet! He is apparently going to take after his mama and have big feet! Everything looks good with little Sam and we were able to see in in 4D (moving 3-D image) and were able to see his blood circulate through the 4 chambers of his heart. It was SO AWESOME! I have more pictures and if you want to see them, click on the following picture:

Ultrasound Pictures