About a week and a half ago, I (Steph) flew in an airplane for the first time. It was quite fun and I enjoyed it so much that I plan on doing it again- just don’t know when. Like a photo-obsessed tourist, I took pictures the whole time I was on the plane. I flew from Raleigh to New Orleans to hang out with my parents and to visit with some old college friends that I hadn’t seen in AGES- total flight time was 1:45. That gave me plenty of opportunities to take pictures!

Going through security was quite an adventure! In Raleigh, it was uneventful…however, New Orleans was a different story. I have a laptop/camera backpack that I take with me whenever I travel. That way all of my electronic “stuff” is in one location and it is well padded and protected. I put the pack in the x-ray thing and an alarm went off and the conveyor belt stopped moving. I panicked and quickly ran through everything in my head that I had stuffed in the pack to make sure I didn’t have anything “illegal” in the pack. Well, the lady at the x-ray monitor told this tall guy that she couldn’t figure out what certain items were (various camera lenses and attachments) so he had to search my bag. He took my bag over to this big fancy machine and started pilfering. He then got a square piece of cloth and ran it around the edges of the camera bag part of the pack. Being the curious person that I am, I asked what he was doing. He very politely told me he couldn’t tell me, but I could read the screen on the machine and figure it out. So, I looked at the screen when he put the fabric on a sensor and it told him that there was no trace of explosives on my stuff! I got a (silent) kick out of that and laughed in my head. The irony of the whole situation, is that the Raleigh airport which prides itself on its “southern hospitality” was a million times ruder than the New Orleans staff- which I had heard horror stories about. I think that is strange. If you are interested in seeing the pictures I took while on the plane and in Mobile for a Baptist Collegiate Ministries reunion at the University of South Alabama (my alma mater- GO JAGS!) then click on the square photo below. If you would like to look at the nursery letters I finished today, go just below that square picture and you can see them. All I need to do is hang them on the wall now. YAY! I love feeling productive!

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