Today is Travis’ 31st birthday. To celebrate, we ate at a Japanese steakhouse in Raleigh. It was delicious!! We split a Cucumber Special roll as a SMALL appetizer (4 pcs.) and it was phenomenal! It consisted of imitation crab meat, avocado, and was wrapped in super thin cucumber slices- no rice or seaweed. YUM! Then for dinner, he enjoyed Hibachi steak and scallops and I had hibachi steak. I “had” to order steak because the last time I went to the doctor, he told me I was anemic and needed to eat more iron-containing food (something I am not fond of) and so I have been attempting to do that. It was delicious and we both had enough left over to bring home for lunch tomorrow! YAY!!!

After supper, we ran home and grabbed Peeper and took him to the local dog park. He loves that place and we really enjoy watching him interacting with the other dogs (and we enjoy interacting with the other dogs as well!) He ran his little 11 pound tail off! There were these 3 barkless breed of dogs (I think the breed is Bisinchy- probably spelled wrong, but that is how it sounds phonetically) and they kept chasing Peeper and had him running all over the place! It was hilarious! Thankfully, there is a area for small dogs and one for big dogs because in the big dog area were some HUGE dogs! They were bigger than miniature horses! It was crazy!

After the dog park, we dropped Peeper back off at home and concluded the night with Goodberry’s Frozen Custard. YUMMY! Normally, we split a sundae but tonight we each had our own small one. My sundae was vanilla custard with hardened chocolate, heath bar crunch pieces, whipped cream, and a cherry. It was great! Travis had vanilla custard, strawberries, bananas, whipped cream, and a cherry. His was called a “strawanna sundae.” I think that name is hilarious!

Now we are back at home just chilling, Travis is talking on the phone and throwing Porkzilla (a stuffed pig) for Peeper to fetch. Our Internet wasn’t working when we got back home, but I figured out what was wrong and fixed it. I am proud of myself!!!