Ellis' 2nd Birthday

Cick the picture above to view the album for more pictures from the party!

The above picture is of the birthday boy, Ellis Neighbors. (You can visit his dad’s blog by clicking on the link to the right labelled Nathan, Ashley, Anderson and Ellis.) He turned 2 and this was the first time Travis and I have been able to see him in person!! We were super excited about finally living close enough to visit (ok, I was more excited than Travis, but we both had a great time.)

Ellis had a western themed birthday party at a cute park in Spartanburg, SC. It was cute. We arrived just after they finished their little activity- making western vests out of paper grocery bags. I meant to take a picture of the vests, but got a bit distracted with visiting people. Just trust me- they were cute! From my point of view, the birthday party gift that Ellis immediately enjoyed the most was his own little bike!! It matches his big brother Anderson’s bike, which I think is cute. Ellis just never figured out that he had to peddle (I don’t think I would peddle either if I had adults who were willing to push me around on the bike too!)

We were also able to see the newest addition to the Neighbors’ family while we were at the party- Sarah Robinson.

She is an adorable 2 mos. old baby with red hair. I thought about kidnapping her, but then remembered that I would have my own baby soon enough and don’t need two. HA! But, Travis and I did manage to hold her before my mom did (which was a pretty easy task since my mom wasn’t there.) I have now held all of the Neighbors grandkids before my mom (technically, I never held Ellis, but he did grab my hand and take me to the gate where he pinched his hand the day before- that counts in my book!)

After the party, we went back to Nathan and Ashley’s house for a cookout and some visiting. It was so nice to be able to hang out with the Neighbors clan again- there were people there that I haven’t seen since my wedding 5 years ago! Before we left, I took a few pictures that I want to share. The first is of Ashley and I. She was my big sister in a high school sorority and is still probably one of the closest things to a big sister that I have. She also recommended me to the camp director at Camp La Vida, thus starting my 4 years as a GA Camp Staffer.

The next picture is of Mrs. Rose (my mom #2) holding Sarah. Sarah was fascinated with the ceiling fan and just laid there and watched it move around and around. It was kinda funny!

The final picture we took during this time, was all of the “couples” together. I never feel short except for when I am around these people and I think that is funny. I mean, really, I am not that short (5’8″) but it is quite noticeable in this bunch! Bonnie (my adopted big sister) and Stephen are the couple on the left. Nathan (my adopted big brother) and Ashley are in the middle. Obviously, Travis and I are the couple on the right. All of the couples have been to seminary and all but Ashley have degrees (but she isn’t to be slighted- she worked to pay for Nathan’s degrees.) Bonnie and Nathan graduated from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (Fort Worth, TX.) Stephen graduated from a seminary in Georgia (the name of it has slipped my mind.) Travis and I have graduated from NOBTS.

My belly still isn’t big enough to be seen in forward facing pictures, so you don’t really get a “peek” still- just be patient!

One last picture…on Sunday, we went to Travis’ Granny Tesseniar’s for lunch. All but 3 of the 1st cousins were there, so they felt the need for a picture. It blows my mind that he has THAT many first cousins on one side of his family. I don’t have that many even if you combine both sides of my family together!!

**EDIT**Also on Sunday, we went to Wal-Mart and created a registry for little Sam. Our Wal-Mart’s kiosk is broken, so we needed to wait until we got to Forest City to create it. This also helps us try to chose items that are actually found in an actual Wal-Mart. I have added some cloth diapering stuff to the registry, but you will have to order it online- which is easy. The link to view the registry is on the right under “Baby Needs.” We are now officially done registering. WOO HOO!