YAY! My best friend since middle school graduated from college this past Friday. It has taken her 11 years to get her BA in Economics, but I couldn’t be prouder. I think I would have given up YEARS ago if I had moved around as much as she has! She wound up graduating from UNC-Greensboro and I was excited to be able to go see her graduate. Really there wasn’t an option- I mean, she flew from SC to Mobile, AL for my undergrad graduation and then drove from Baton Rouge to New Orleans for my master’s, so why on earth would I NOT go to hers?! Since we now live near Raleigh, I took the Amtrak train to her graduation. It was quite fun! It took me 1.5 hours to get their via train and only cost $11! I can’t beat that price by driving and it really wasn’t that much longer than driving since it was a short train trip.

Lauren picked me up from the train depot and off to graduation we went. Since it was a large graduation, there were actually 2 ceremonies. The first was the large group graduation where all graduates were there, doctoral and honorary degrees were granted, and ALL graduates moved their tassels. We then had a SHORT break for lunch and the 2nd ceremony started. It was for just the Bryan School of Business graduates and this was where awards and diplomas were given. We had very good seats for this second ceremony because Lauren’s mom broke her foot that morning before the first ceremony. It was really sad, but she seemed to have a good attitude about it. They had a “mobility impaired” row and, since she was on crutches, she qualified. Technically, only one other person is supposed to sit with the impaired person, but Lauren’s youngest sister, Lindsay, and I sat with Mrs. Aretha. We decided that since I am pregnant, I am also “mobility impaired.” The seats we got to sit in were cushioned and after sitting in a hard coliseum seat for 3 hours, my back was having minor spasms so I was relieved to be able to sit in a cushioned seat.

After the 2nd ceremony, Lauren and I went back to her house where she changed clothes for Relay for Life. Then, once her uncle, mom, and sister arrived we left for the Relay for Life event. It was here that Travis picked me up and we went to Salisbury for the weekend. Below is a link to my online photo album of pictures I took. I haven’t typed my captions in yet, but I plan on typing up who the various speakers were.


Lauren's UNCG Graduation!