I have a funny story, embarrassing, but funny. Today, shortly after Travis arrived home from work (@ 4pm on Fridays- thanks SEBTS) I started making my afternoon snack. I opened the cabinet door to get a plate, squealed and ran into our living room (a distance of 2 feet) while running in place with my hands covering my face. Travis looked at me like I had lost my mind. All I could get out was “roach in cabinet- kill it.” Tears were streaming down my face by this point. He took the TV remote into the kitchen to kill the roach with it. I threw my flip flop at him and told him to kill it with that. He asked where it was, so I SLOWLY creeped back into the kitchen to point at where I saw the evil creature. He kept moving dishes out of the cabinet and each time I would squeal, cry some more, and take a step back. Finally, he found the roach (it was not a small one- Travis will admit to that.) At this point, I ran back into the living (to the other side of it- this time about 8 feet away) and he killed it. I had taken my glasses off because I had tears streaming down my face, tear spots on my lenses, and my lenses were fogging up. My ever-so-loving husband PICKED UP THE ROACH and proceeded to bring it over to me to prove it was dead. I am legally blind if I am not wearing my glasses, therefore, I never saw the dead roach, but I could use “context clues” to determine what he was doing. I yelled and told him to “get rid of it! get rid of it!” He then threw it in the trash, gave me my shoe back, and I Skyped my mom for some comforting words. Did my husband, whom I love with everything in me, ever come over to offer a hug or a shoulder to cry on? NO- he just sat on the couch and laughed! Peeper checked on me more than Travis did. Travis’ initial reaction was that there was some traumatic childhood even that occurred to make me TERRIFIED of roaches. About 30 minutes later, I had recovered enough to tell him about it…

(My mom might need to leave a comment to correct parts of this post) In Kindergarten, I went to a church K-5 program. It was an all day thing, so there a nap time. I didn’t take a nap because if I did I wouldn’t go to sleep at night. Therefore, the teachers put me in a different room (near them of course) and gave me books to read. There were little roaches on the walls and floors in this room. I think I told my mom about it but I don’t remember her doing anything until one day when she came to pick me up from school and I was in that room by myself. She wasn’t happy about the situation and transferred me to Catholic school where I attended through the 4th grade. Every time I see a roach, I think about that room and all those little roaches crawling around. It makes my skin crawl. I should probably go to counseling about this event or something. I mean, how good of an example am I going to be to Sam if I completely spazz out whenever I see a roach?! I can kill spiders (for the most part- there were some while working at GA camp that I couldn’t kill because they were tarantula-sized), snakes don’t bother me TOO much (as long as I can tell they aren’t poisonous), but spiders send me over the edge! Thankfully, we haven’t had a bad roach problem- there has been this 1 roach that Travis kept spotting but couldn’t kill. He thinks this was that roach because it was about the same size (1.5 inches.)

Oh, to top it off, when I talked to my mom on Skype, she told me I should be thankful it was a roach because they are one of the cleanest insects to have invade your home. Apparently, they clean themselves all the time! HA! I still don’t want them in the cabinet with my clean dishes (that was all I could get out while I was crying, by the way- I just kept repeating “he was in my clean dishes.”) I checked my “hippie cleaning book” as Travis calls it (see the laundry soap post for more info) and it’s recommendation is to call an exterminator because roaches are ridiculously hard to get rid of. It did say that I could try a mixture of borax and sugar to attract the bugs and then make their legs fall off. Since it is up in the cabinet, I might get some borax and sprinkle some along the back of the cabinet- not quite sure about the sugar part because we think that would attract ants, something we do not have in our apartment.

Anyway, just wanted to share and give everyone a good hearted laugh at my expense. UGH! I hate roaches!