Following directions from this blog, I made a wrap for carrying Sam around. I am so excited! The directions actually make 2 wraps, so my friend Astasha and I split the cost. It came out to $13.80 each, including sales tax! We were excited because at this website they sell for $39.95. What a savings! I still utilized the Moby Wrap website since I had to learn how to wrap it around myself. It was SUPER EASY and I love that I saved so much money and was able to get a patterned fabric instead of just a solid color. On the Moby Wrap website, they state that there is a logo that helps you center the wrap on your body before you start wrapping. Astasha and I were little pregnant geniuses (or so we think) and we decided to put a button on our wraps to represent the center! Pretty good idea and it worked great!

After Travis helped me cut the fabric and I sewed the buttons, I decided to practice one hold. I don’t have any cabbage patch kid dolls to practice with (my first idea) so I decided to use Sam’s big brother- Peeper! It worked out great and he actually didn’t seem to mind. He likes being held like a baby so I did the cradle hold to help him not feel too awkward. Given that he has 4 legs, we did have a bit of a tough time getting him inside one shoulder piece, but it still worked! The picture below is a close up showing the fabric pattern that we decided on.

The last picture just verifies that it is sturdy and will actually hold a baby (therefore, grandmas, don’t worry about Sam falling out and bumping his head!! Just for a reference, Peeper weighs approximately 11.5 pounds.

If you want to know more about the various wraps that are able to be done, click here.

If you haven’t read about my adventure yesterday afternoon, please continue reading and proceed to the post below.

**EDIT** In case you were wondering, there was no sewing involved!! That is why it was super easy!