Well, since I have fully adjusted to life as a North Carolina dog, I thought I would give everyone an update on my new life. I LOVE my new NC life. Unlike my New Orleans life, I don’t have to stay in my box all day while Mommy and Daddy are at work- Mommy stays with me! It is great! She doesn’t use an alarm clock anymore, so we sleep in every day. I really enjoy that- today we slept until 11am (shh…don’t tell anyone, they will think we are rotten!) Once we get up, Mommy drinks her juice and takes her iron pill because the doc said that my little brother was zapping her body of iron, so she needed to take a pill to help fix it. While she drinks her juice, we sit on the deck out back. I LOVE having a deck! I can run around out there and sniff and look around at the trees, squirrels (I don’t like them,) or that pesky black lab that lives downstairs and tries to get my parent’s attention all the time. I also like to chew on the leaves that fall on the deck (but, only if I can beat my mom to them- she likes to sweep them away.) I used to bring the leaves and pine cones into the house, but Mommy gave me a lecture on how nature is supposed to stay outside for me to enjoy and not come inside for Mommy to clean up!

Daddy comes home for lunch and so I really enjoy getting to play with him. I am always upset when he has to go back to work, so I make a big scene and bark and run around like a nut before getting into my box so he can go out the door. Mommy and I do various afternoon things. Sometimes, she does stuff on the computer like edit photos, listen to her photography school lessons, read blogs, or talk to my Mississippi Gramma on the computer- that kind of freaks me out because I can hear her and she talks to me, but I never can find her (I think she lives in the computer!) Then Mommy makes a yummy supper. I know it is yummy because Daddy lets me lick the plates clean before he puts them in the dishwasher, but don’t worry, our dishwasher sanitizes them so it is OK if you eat with us! Then each night, we have a different activity to do- we watch TV, go to the dog park (a personal fav), or go walk around the SEBTS seminary campus where Daddy works. I like going there because there is a lot to explore and there are trees and pine cones and grass and bushes and squirrels and other people there for me to see!

Last night, we went to the campus so I could see what a magnolia bloom looked like. Mommy has been talking about these things for days because they are blooming all over campus, but I didn’t know what she was talking about. Therefore, they took me up there so I can discover them. I asked Mommy to take her camera along to document this discovery and she obliged. I hope you like the following pictures!

There are blooms like this all over campus! I couldn’t see a lot of them real good because they were up high, so Mommy took pictures for me since she is taller than me.

I think the closed up ones are neat! There was one tree that was mostly closed up magnolia blooms instead of open flowers. I think that tree is a late bloomer. HA! Get it? Late bloomer?! Oh, I am silly!

This bloom was trying to open, so I got my mom to take a picture before it did!

FINALLY, I found a bloom that I could smell and explore for myself. It smelled really good and it was almost as big as my head!! WOW!

We also saw a green bean tree. I don’t know what kind of tree this is (and neither to my knowledgeable parents.) The things hanging off of it look like green beans to me so I think that is what they are.

This is my pint-size view of the chapel on campus. It looks an awful lot like the one that is on the campus in New Orleans, but my parents tell me there are some subtle differences. The more pronounced differences are inside and my Mommy has told me that NOBTS has the prettier chapel on the inside and more comfy pews.

This is a picture of my daddy and I walking toward the building he works in. He works on the top floor and if you look at the middle section of the top floor (it sticks out some) and go over 2 windows to the part that doesn’t stick out (1 past the 1 that is open) that is his closet office. He has been told that when the new Patterson building is finished he will be moving over there with the faculty and administration. He is SUPER excited about this!

Daddy thought I needed some water, so he tried to get me to drink some out of this fountain. However, once he smelled it and it smelled bleachy, he decided that I should stay away from that water or I could get sick. My Daddy looks after me and I love him for that.

That was a pictorial summary of my Magnolia adventure. I hope you enjoyed it!

I guess I should update everyone on the status of my little brother, Sam. He and Mommy are still growing. She went to the doctor this past week and she is now big enough for the doctor to measure Sam with a measuring tape. Mommy was excited about this because she hasn’t enjoyed having a doc push on her tummy to find out where he is. She doesn’t really like for anybody to touch her tummy except Daddy and I. Sometimes, I get fussed at for touching her tummy if I use it for a springboard platform to jump off of. I guess it hurts little Sam. Sometimes, I go up to her tummy and sniff at it- I know something is growing in there and I want it to come out so I can play with it. Mommy says I have to wait until Sam is big enough to come out. She says she is 25 weeks and that means I probably have to wait about 15 more weeks until I can play with him. I wish he would hurry up. I helped Mommy take a picture of her belly so other people can see how big Sam is. I hope you like it!

According to the doc, Sam is about 2 pounds and 9 inches long. He has a ways to go to catch up with me! Maybe that is why I am the “big” brother…hmm.

Anyways, I have run out of things to talk about, so I think I will go take a nap. I hope you have enjoyed my little update. Until next time…KEEP BARKING! Bye!