Well, I have made a new “hippie” (according to Travis) cleaning product- carpet cleaner/deodorizer! It smells GREAT and we are planning on using it for the first time tonight when we leave the apartment for a couple of hours to visit some friends. It didn’t cost very much to make either! The ingredients are borax powder, baking soda, corn meal, and an essential oil. The book, Naturally Clean Home, recommended using these 2 essential oils that would actually smell woodsy. I don’t want our apartment smelling like trees because I am sure that smell would send my allergies over the edge, so I looked at the “properties” of those oils (i.e. antifungal, antibacterial, etc.) and picked a citrus scent that I know I could handle that shares those same properties- lemon! Man, this carpet cleaner smells GOOD! I am super excited! I finished my box of carpet deodorizer last week, so we just recycled the container and poured this new mix into the old box. I also created a “label” so people would know what it is and so I would know what ingredients I need to make some more once I get to the point of needing a refill.

An update on the laundry detergent…it is GREAT! We love it and the pee pads still come out odorless every time! I always smell because I fear that one day the stuff will stop working although, I doubt that will happen. We gave some to some friends of ours to try and tell us what they thought and they LOVED it too. They plan on possibly making some once they use up what they have and their baby comes! I did change my container though and that is what this update is about. I finished off my Tide and we poured my homemade detergent into that container (after rinsing it out) so that it poured better. The stuff was clogging the spout on my container that I initially used and that was kind of frustrating. I drew a line on the cap of my Tide bottle so I know where to pour to. That way, I don’t have to keep a measuring cup in the laundry room either! This method is working much better and is much quicker!

In other news, we thought (ok, I thought) when we moved to Wake Forest, we had escaped the stifling heat of summer. Boy, was that thought wrong! We are in the middle of a crazy early-June heat wave that seems ridiculous, even compared to what we were used to in New Orleans. The meteorologist reported on Friday that we broke a record for the high for that day and were predicted to break the high for the next 4 days (through Monday!) It is supposed to be 100 this whole weekend and on Monday. Yesterday, we drove to the airport to pick up a new faculty member and take him to dinner and the car that we drove (one owned by SEBTS) had a temperature gauge in it. Just a reminder…car gauges can’t determine the temperature after you also include the heat index. This is the temperature as we are driving down the road about halfway through our trip…

104- can you believe it! The one thing I am super thankful for is that the humidity doesn’t appear to be as bad as it is in New Orleans, so that helps some. I guess we have more of the “dry heat” people talk about so much. Needless to say, I am NOT looking forward to the end of summer when I am gigantically pregnant AND having to deal with the heat. HA!