Our friends, Shane and Astasha, welcomed their little boy, Ari (pronounced ARE-EE) Finnian into the world early yesterday morning. Travis and I went to visit them after he got off of work yesterday and I got to hold him! He is SO cute! He weighed 7 lbs 11 oz at birth and is 21 inches long. Everyone is doing fine. They all came home today and we took supper out there tonight and were able to visit for a little bit again. This time we had Peeper with us (obviously, he isn’t allowed in the hospital) and he did super! We weren’t really expecting him not to since he has always been good with our friends’ babies. While Shane was sitting on the floor holding Ari, Peeper went over and smelled his arm, armpit, leg, and foot. He never touched him or anything. I am really surprised he didn’t give him a kiss! Needless to say, we aren’t really concerned about Peeper’s interaction with Sam when he arrives. I mean, we aren’t stupid, so we will keep a good watchful eye out, but we both strongly feel that he is going to be gentle. We just hope he doesn’t start acting up too bad trying to get our attention. Hopefully, he will continue pottying on the pee pad (that is our huge prayer right now!)

I can’t wait for Sam to get here so that he can play with Ari. It will be fun to go over to their house or have them come to our place and Ari and Sam play together and Nino (their dog) and Peeper play together. Anyway, I am sure those of you who know Shane and Astasha are dying to know what little Ari looks like, so I will post two picture of me holding him yesterday! Enjoy!!

In other news, tomorrow I will start my 27 week of pregnancy! This means I will be officially in the 3rd trimester. Not too much longer! Woo hoo!!