…in more ways than one for our family right now. I am pasting our email newsletter in this post as an update about what is going on in our family. If you don’t get our newsletter and would like to, feel free to post a comment and leave me your email address. I will delete the comment so the whole world won’t know your email address! 🙂

Good afternoon!!
I thought now would be a great time to send out an short update on our little family. The first news is super exciting news (to us, at least!) Travis has finished his dissertation!! I am SO PROUD of him! He has been coming home from work, eating supper, and going to the seminary’s library to write for the last couple of weeks and it has paid off. He has not thoroughly proofread it or checked the Turabian formatting just yet, but the knowledge that the body of it is written is of great comfort to us. He mailed a copy to the chair of his dissertation committee today. We are hoping that Travis will be able to defend before Sam is born (hint hint to his committee) 🙂 Anyway, the basic timeline, for those who want to know but don’t, is that he has to submit copies to the PhD office of his final draft by Sept. 15th (the day AFTER Sam is due) and will have to go to New Orleans and defend it and find out of there are any other corrections/changes he needs to make. Then we have to get the FINAL FINAL copies printed on the 100% cotton paper and submitted before he will be allowed to walk in December. Our goal is to have the FINAL FINAL copies printed and ready by Thanksgiving so that my mom and I can drop them off one day while Sam and I are down there hanging out. We think this is VERY doable and are very excited. Below is a picture of the happy doctoral student after he has just addressed the envelope to mail the dissertation to his chair.

In pregnancy news, Sam and I are doing well. I am in my 27th week which means that I have officially started the 3rd trimester. I really don’t have anything to complain about with this whole pregnancy (and Travis is VERY thankful for that.) I haven’t really gotten THAT big yet and, in fact, I can still sleep on my stomach! This makes me laugh. I realize the days of doing this will be ending shortly, but I sure am enjoying them as much as possible now! Sam is a hyper little fella and seems to really like church music (not music on my computer, but real live in-church played music) and that makes me quite happy. Here is a picture of me that Travis took yesterday.

As for Peeper, he is doing well and is still enjoying life outside of his box (aka crate) since I stay home with him. We have a dog park about 2 miles from our apartment and we try to take him there a couple of times a week. Since it has been so hot lately, we haven’t been able to go consistently because there is no shade in the small dog area. Anyway, we took him for a little bit Sunday evening and I actually had a camera with me to take some pictures. Below is a picture of one of the things he enjoys doing- going to the fence that borders the big dogs and checking them out. In this picture, the big dog is a Siberian Husky that has recently been shaved. It was quite funny looking.

One last photo to wrap this up, Travis enjoys coming home from work and playing on the couch with Peeper. It doesn’t take too long though for one of them to get tired and so they just lay down and rest. I got a new lens for my camera yesterday and so I was playing with it while they were “doing their thing” and the picture below shows just how rotten the two guys in my life are. I can only imagine what it will be like when Sam grows up and gets in on the action!!

Well, I hope you have enjoyed our little update and if anything changes with the pregnancy I will keep you updated. Have a great day!!!