Well, I was reading my friend Diana’s blog and came across a video of New Orleans that one of her friends created. I immediately fell in love with the video and decided I would share it with our blog readers. Travis and I REALLY LOVE Wake Forest, but (speaking for myself) I still miss New Orleans at times. There is something about the city that just gets under your skin and doesn’t go away. I find myself missing going down to the Quarter and hearing zydeco and jazz music belting out of shops. I also actually miss the metallic people that stay in one position until someone gives them some money (I don’t know HOW they can do that- I would have to wiggle.) I can’t pick the one thing that I miss more than anything else though because at various times throughout each week I miss something different- the HUGE live oaks, the gorgeous homes, the shotgun houses, the people, the food (although this isn’t a biggie for me since I am allergic to shellfish,) and the laissez faire attitude that the city seems to exude. People aren’t looked at as weird because almost everyone down there is “weird” in some aspect or another. I mean, where else can a girl wear a skirt, short sleeve shirt, and flip flops to church on Sunday morning in January and not get looked at like she has completely lost her mind?! Sadly, just the fact that someone attends church on Sunday morning is viewed, by some, as weird.

The city changed A LOT after Hurricane Katrina and that is the part that frustrates me to no end. I still love New Orleans and a part of me will always be in that city, but after dealing with post-Katrina life for 2.5 years, it wasn’t that hard to leave. People in Raleigh complain about the traffic- Travis and I haven’t discovered the “traffic” they speak of yet. We still compare everything to sitting on I-10 headed to Metairie for a bite to eat and it taking you sometimes an hour to get there. When we were getting our Masters and were dating, Metairie only took 15 minutes to get to- FYI. The houses that are still uninhabitable make me sad and, as cold-hearted as it may seem, Travis and I became numb to seeing them. I mean, once you’ve seen one flooded home you’ve seen them all, right? Regardless of the fact that each house was for a different family, held different memories, different cultures, etc. You eventually just drive by and don’t noticed. Those X’s that the national guard painted on the houses used to catch my attention and as I rode/drove around town I would look to see if someone died there- morbid, I know.) By the time, we left, those X’s had become basically invisible to me- even the one on a house in Lakeview that showed that 6 people died in that house. 6 PEOPLE!? I feel so heartless. Maybe becoming oblivious to the area helped me deal emotionally with the storm and all the changes she brought- I don’t know. I do know that every day that I lived there, I fought tooth and nail to make New Orleans appear, to me at least, like the “old” New Orleans that I feel in love with back in 2001.

Obviously, I still have connections down there- TONS of friends and close faculty members at the seminary and William Carey University (where I was working before we moved.) I also still have my parents living at the doorstep of New Orleans in Waveland, MS. I think it is safe to say that their town was hit MUCH harder than N’awlins by Katrina, but it didn’t really make the news. However, their town also seems to be making more progress at rebuilding and much of the area looks like it did before, or better. It seems to me that communities that have strong bonds and work together get things done faster than cities that fight and argue over every petty manner (remember- New Orleans people don’t really care about anyone but themselves, or so it appears at times.) I still don’t know how they (my parents) do it- I think that I would have begged Travis to move back to TN or something if our apartment had been as affected as their house was. I would’ve chickened out and ran back to a place that I knew and was comfortable with, but not them. They stayed and their house is almost finished. It looks awesome and that makes me happy.

Anyway, all that rambling and reminiscing has delayed the posting of the video. Here is the video that I love and that brought tears to my eyes watching it because I’ve been to all the places (before & after Katrina) and I love them and they will always be a part of me.