There is a lady at FBC Marrero, LA (the church in Louisiana where Travis served on staff) who has crocheted a hat, bib, and 2 pair of booties for Sam. Her name is Mrs. Helen Orgeron and she is very special to our family. Her mother, Mrs. Bertha, loved loved loved Travis so much. I think she was the oldest member of the church and was tickled when Travis announced one Sunday that that day was her 96th birthday. We all sung to her. One Sunday morning, she asked Travis if he would conduct her funeral when she died. Travis agreed (obviously.) Well, when we found out we were moving, he was concerned about his ability to keep his promise to Mrs. Bertha. Sadly, but in God’s good timing, Mrs. Bertha passed away. It was a few weeks before we moved, so Travis was able to conduct the funeral. While it was a sad occasion, we were joyful that he was able to keep his promise to Mrs. Bertha. It was the first, and only, cajun funeral Travis has ever conducted- complete with burial in the family vault. Anyway, we loved Mrs. Bertha and miss seeing her smiling face that ALWAYS lit up when Travis went over to talk with her before each Sunday service.

Shortly after we announced to FBC Marrero that we were expecting, Mrs. Helen brought a little plastic baggy with her to church. She gave it to Travis and he came to the computer (I was working on the powerpoint for the service at that time) and we looked in. I got tears in my eyes looking at the precious little crocheted booties and bib that were gently packaged inside. Travis held up the booties and asked “What is in the world is this?” and I laughed and said they were “booties for Boudreaux” to which his reply was “well, I’ve never seen anything like that before in my life” all with a huge grin on his face. They reminded me so much of great-grandma who always had some kind of crochet project going on whenever we visited her- thus the tears. We immediately went to the back row of the church where Mrs. Helen sat, hugged her, and thanked her tremendously for the cute clothes. She then informed us that when we found out if it was a boy or a girl to let her know because there was one more piece of the outfit. I agreed to write her a letter when we found out what Boudreaux was.

When we moved, I made sure the movers did not touch this little bag of love and I carried it the whole time in my purse- HA! I didn’t want ANYTHING to happen to it. Shortly after moving, we found out that we were expecting a boy, so I wrote to Mrs. Helen. Yesterday, a box arrived at our doorstep and inside held the cutest little hat I have ever seen and another pair of booties. The booties are a different size than the ones she originally gave us which makes me happy to know that we now have choices given the likelihood of him being like his Mom and being born with big feet. 🙂

Travis and I have finally found a church that we really enjoy and it reminds us much of FBC Marrero (Sam will be the first child in the nursery in a LONG time and that thrills the church.) We are planning on having our baby dedication at this church and I told Travis that I want to do it before Sam’s feet outgrow the booties. I want Sam to wear this cute this crocheted outfit in his baby dedication because it just seems right. Not only to be a special outfit for when we, as parents, dedicate Sam to raising him in a Christian home, but it seems right for other reasons too. We know Mrs. Helen would be thrilled (she will receive a picture of the ceremony) and her mom would also be proud to know that we are dedicating Sam to God, but I feel like a part of me would also be honoring my great-grandmother who I remember talking to me about God quite often and, passively, teaching me the importance of tithing. Even though she was unable to go to church, someone would come every week (I think it was the pastor, but I don’t really know) to visit her and she would give her tithe to him- how awesome is that. I love my Mama Roberts and I know that during the baby dedication she and Mrs. Bertha are going to be looking down from Heaven with big ol’ grins on their faces and that makes me happy. Here is a picture I took today of the booties, bib, and hat- simply adorable.