This past Thursday (since Travis had Friday, the 4th off) we travelled to Ellenboro to visit his family. We had a great time but felt like we never slowed down! Thursday night, we went to Greenville, SC to the Babies R Us store. Travis’ mom wanted to buy the travel system that we wanted and so off to BRU we went. On Friday, Travis and I got up and picked up breakfast at Hardees before Travis and Peeper put the stroller together. I don’t think Travis could’ve done it without Peeper’s help- he kept Travis’ place in the instructions and patiently supervised.

As a reward for all of his hard work and patience, Peeper got to have the first ride in the new stroller. We think he quite enjoyed himself since he sat upright the whole time and looked around. He even figured out the little plastic see-through window and would look at Travis sometimes.

Once the stroller was assembled, we headed to downtown Ellenboro (a street that parallel’s the train tracks for about 2 blocks) for “Big Day.” Boy, was it HOT! We took Peeper with us and I had him wearing his little patriotic shirt. He got so hot that we had to take his little shirt off. He also high-stepped on the asphalt (we tried to avoid it as much as possible because of his little feet) to keep from burning his pads. Travis finally picked him up and carried him around. We saw lots of the Wright family at Big Day so that was a good thing.

After Big Day, we came home and cooled down for a bit before heading to the annual Tesseniar (Tess-uh-near) 4th of July get-together. This is Travis’ mom’s side of the family. What we didn’t know was that we were also going to a baby shower for us! Travis’ mom thought it would be a nice surprise- and it was! Travis’ cousin, Christi, made a cake for the shower that was simply adorable!

We also got a lot of gifts for Sam. Travis and I joked that it will be awhile before we have to buy baby wipes or socks for Sam since we received 5 containers of wipes and 15 pairs of socks! How funny is that? Here is a picture of all the gifts spread out and organized in the crib.

After the shower, we came home and Travis and I went to a fireworks show. It was great! We had been wanting to take pictures of fireworks for quite some time and had the perfect opportunity. Travis attached the camera to the tripod, I configured all of the settings on the camera and then passed the remote over to Travis so he could take the pictures and I could sit on the hard ground and enjoy the show! HA! I can’t really decide which pictures to post on here, so I will post 2 of my all-time favs and there will be a picture at the bottom of this post where you can go view more. I think the 2nd photo looks like a voo-doo doll. HA!

On Saturday, Travis and I went to Boiling Springs, NC to eat at our favorite Greek restaurant in the area. It is across the street from Gardner-Webb University, the college Travis graduated from with his chemistry degree. After a yummy lunch, we walked around GWU and took a few pictures. Travis played with the new lens and took some EXCELLENT shots of flowers and bugs…

I set up our baby tripod and took pictures of the two of us. We have very few of those since one of us is usually behind the lens or we are in a place that doesn’t have a good place to prop a camera on. I like these pictures and might put one in the nursery.

We also took some other pictures around campus and you can see those by clicking on the appropriate album at the bottom of this post or to the right (GWU pics are in the July 2008 album.)

We returned home just in time to watch Travis’ brother’s car be loaded on a rollback to be taken to the body shop that is going to paint it. Trey bought a totalled Nissan Skyline sometime last year and has been trying to collect all the body parts to restore it. The car fell off a car carrier and received significant body damage. Everything under the hood works fine so we have been able to drive the wrecked vehicle up and down the driveway a few times. It is a Japanese race car and so the driver’s seat is on the right side. They don’t sell Skylines in the US because of how fast and powerful they are so you have to buy one from overseas. This has made getting the parts quite difficult, but Trey has finally received them all and had some folks put them on the car. Since the car doesn’t have insurance or a license plate yet, it can’t be driven on the roads- thus the need for the rollback. However, the body style of the Skyline makes it ride REAL CLOSE to the ground so we were concerned it wasn’t going to get up on the rollback without scraping. However, after about an hour of trying various things, his car was on the rollback without a single scrape! Here are a couple of pictures- the car doesn’t have a back windshield and the car cover is balled up and sitting where that windshield is supposed to be.

Early Sunday morning, Travis and I got up and drove to Dandridge, TN to the church where we got married and Travis used to be their Minister of Education/Outreach. Those are always bittersweet visits because we LOVE being able to see our friends and their kids but we HATE having to leave again. It is so frustrating. We wish we could scoop up all of our TN friends and drop them over here in Wake Forest so we can all be together again. After visiting the various adult Sunday School classes and updating them on what is going on in our lives, we went to the worship service where we were introduced to the new pastor. The one Travis served under retired at the end of 2005 and they had an interim for a while before finding this new pastor. We really like him and are sure great things will continue to happen at FBC Dandridge. After the service, we ate at Dandridge seafood with some of our closest TN friends and had a blast! What I love about these friends is that even though we see each other about every 6-7 months, we pick up where we left off. We also pick on each other and goof off a lot so there are TONS of laughs to be had when the Overtons, Marcuses, Gauts, Wilsons, and Wrights get together- I love those families! I always take my camera with the hopes of getting pictures but I get so distracted in visiting, catching up, and hanging out, that I totally forget! Maybe one day…

Anyway, I have posted more pictures from our weekend to our online albums if you wish to see more. Just click on the picture for whichever album you want to look at below. You can also find the links to these albums on the right side of the blog, at the top, under the heading “Our Photos.” I hope you enjoy!!

Tesseniar Shower

July 4th Fireworks

July 2008