This week, Travis and I have each bought our first outfits for Sam. Up until now, all the clothes that Sam has received have been from friends and family. I bought my little outfit Tuesday night at Target in the $1 section. I think it is adorable!

I don’t know what they are implying by making the mommy an elephant- maybe by the time Sam gets here that is what I will feel like. HA! But it is still cute.

Last night, after a day-long battle with boredom, Travis took me to Babies R Us. Now, obviously, I am perfectly capable of taking myself, but I get bored walking around the store without anyone to talk to so I really enjoy the company. Like most pregnant women, I had to use the bathroom while I was there. While I was pottying, Travis looked at Halloween costumes- he hasn’t really been to keen on my (rather expensive) idea of dressing Sam up in a New York Yankees uniform and getting a matching jersey for Peeper. When I came out, he was finishing up buying something and motioned for me to follow him. So, immediately, my curiosity is piqued because I hadn’t planned on buying anything- I just wanted out of the apartment. He FINALLY let me look at his purchase once we got into the car and I about died! He had bought Sam a little Halloween costume complete with a little hat!!!

I love this little outfit and can’t wait for Halloween. The best part is that we don’t have to buy Peeper a coordinating outfit- he was a skeleton last year!! I am sure he won’t mind wearing the same outfit two years in a row. In fact, we think he will welcome it because he loves his skeleton outfit. It has holes for all 4 of his legs and so it fits like PJs. When it gets real cold, even if it isn’t Halloween, we put his “skeletor” outfit on him to keep him warm. We then refer to him as Skeletor-Peep (can you tell we were raised on He-Man and She-Ra?) Here is a picture of him in his outfit from last Halloween.

Just for a funny comparison, here are the two skeleton outfits side-by-side… oh, I can’t wait- they will be so cute!

In my attempt at ending my boredom, I also took random close-up shots of nursery items. Below are some of my favorites.

There are more, and some updated photos, in our nursery pics photo album. You may view it by clicking on the photo below.

Nursery Pictures

Well, I hope you enjoyed this random update. Until next time, when something exciting happens or I just get severely bored again… enjoy the update!