Yesterday, Travis received notification from NOBTS that he was the recipient of a scholarship for this upcoming Fall semester. It was the largest amount he has received while doing his PhD studies! Needless to say, we were just a bit excited because this will help us tremendously in budgeting out the rest of his tuition along with all these miscellaneous fees we will have to pay this last semester (dissertation printing, binding, and graduation fees, along with a plane ticket to go down to defend his dissertation.) So, in celebration, we went to Red Robin for supper last night. I still have low iron counts so eating red meat is still a high priority in my diet and they have the best burgers on the planet! Travis ordered a fancy drink, Blueberry Pomegranate Limeade, and said it was delicious. It had blueberries, Sprite, limes, and pomegranate flavoring. I tasted it and it had way too much lime flavor in it for me- so I stuck with my sweet tea. Here is a picture of Travis with his fruity drink.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, our location is visited by the Red Robin mascot. He came by our table once and we joked about taking a picture since I, obviously, had my camera with me. The robin played along and acted like he was posing and then he did some bodybuilding poses before high-5ing us and going to celebrate a birthday. I didn’t take a picture that time. A few minutes later, he visited us again and did some silly poses for a pretend camera. This time, I took a picture of Travis and the robin.

Since I was documenting our visit, I took pictures of the left-over halves of our burgers. We brought them home and had them for lunch today- YUM! The one on the left is mine- the Au Brie Burger. It was the winner of a kids build-your-own-burger contest. It consisted of a foccaccia bun, au gratin potatoes, melted brie cheese, romaine lettuce, balsamic marinated tomatoes, and the meat. I requested no tomatoes since the acidity of vinegar has not been kind to my pregnant stomach. It was SO GOOD! The burger on the right was Travis’- the A1 Peppercorn Burger. It had fried onions, red onions, tomatoes, A1 peppercorn sauce, swiss cheese, and the meat. He really liked it, too. Here are the yummy burgers…

We love Red Robin and enjoy going there when we have friends and family come to visit. It has a great atmosphere and if you join their e-club you get a free burger and dessert during the month of your birthday. How awesome!!!

In some other, off the wall news. Most of you know that we discontinued our cable TV service a couple of months ago. We totally haven’t missed it. In fact, during the day, I RARELY turn the TV on anymore. We get lots of channels with the digital rabbit ears system and love the quality and variety. One of the channels we get, ch. 50.2, is called RTN (short for Retro Television Network) and we LOVE IT. At night, this is usually all we watch. Their showings vary across the country, but we are pretty pleased with the shows that Raleigh broadcasts- Hawaii 5-0, A-Team, Knight Rider, Airwolf (one of my all-time favs,) Mission Impossible, It Takes a Thief, and some others. Tonight, we were watching Mission Impossible and enjoyed a guest appearance by none other than my ALL-TIME favorite Trekkie- Spock (aka Leonard Nimoy.) The original Star Trek TV series is probably my #2 all-time favorite TV show (#1 is Trapper John, MD another OLDIE.) I even have a black and white canvas print of the original cast (when the director’s wife was still on the show and not just the voice of the computer- ok, yeah I am a nerd) but, once we moved to NC, Travis finally claimed it and took it to his office where it is proudly on display. I am ok with that, now. HA! So, back to tonight, I got a bit excited and took a picture of him on the TV- just for proof. It also provided a good laugh because it shows just how old the show is! I am loving his sideburns! Here is the world’s greatest vulcan-

Sorry for the flash reflection and, yes, I purposefully made this picture display bigger than the other ones in the post- just to pay homage and reiterate- Live Long and Prosper!!

Ok, now that all 3 of our blog readers are thinking that I have fallen of the deep end into the nerdy swimming pool, I will end this post before it gets worse. HA!!