A few blog posts ago, I talked about a dilemma I was facing in deciding whether or not to order a collage print that I created of firework pictures to start a photography wall in our apartment. Well, the more I thought about, read the comments left on here, and talked it over with Travis and other friends, I/we decided to go for it. I ordered a 16×20 print and we picked up a frame at Michael’s last week since they were on sale. The print came in Saturday and you would’ve thought it was Christmas day in the Wright household. I, basically, stalked the mail man to see if he would come over to our apartment since we knew the pic wouldn’t fit in our box. After he finished sorting mail in the boxes, he pulled over and parked in front of the building beside us. He got out and was only carrying a white tube with him- I knew that was my collage. He dropped it off and I opened the door to get it (I didn’t want him to know I was REALLY stalking him- HA!) I gave it to Travis and he immediately went to our dining room table and started opening the tube. I went to the nursery and grabbed the frame and some glass cleaner (the glass cleaner isn’t in the nursery, even though that is how that sentence made it sound.) I cleaned the frame and we commenced to getting the photo in and situated “just right.” Next, we took down the little picture of Travis and I hanging above our mantle and Travis hung the collage. We then just stood back and admired the photo and threw all doubts of whether or not we should’ve done this out the window- it looks GREAT and the crazy thing is that despite the large size of the picture, once it got on this gigantic sloping wall, it didn’t look that big- it is the perfect size. Here is a shot of my mantle and the collage.

We moved the picture of us to the wall behind the couch and it looks better there since it is a much smaller pic on a much smaller wall. This is where the “only child shrine” (as Travis and I refer to them) will be going once Sam is born.

Now for a silly Peeper update. One of his favorite things to do is sleep beside you on the couch on one of “his” pillows. When you get up to do something, he likes to get up and curl up where you had been sitting since it is nice and warm there. Well, Travis leaned forward the other day on the couch and Peeper didn’t hesitate to get behind him on “his” pillows. It was too funny. I love the picture below, because it seems like Peeper is thinking “I hope Daddy realizes I am back here and doesn’t lean back and squish me.”

Saturday started our weeks of excitement. Over the next couple of weeks, we will have a couple of visitors and go on a couple of trips. I am SO EXCITED! Well, this past Saturday, brought Kaleb, Ginny, and Sophia to our apartment. They were on their way to the outer banks for Ginny’s family reunion and decided to drive to our place and spend the night before continuing onward on Sunday. Ginny and I worked at Appalachian Outreach in Jefferson City, TN together. I really enjoyed working with her. AO is a homelessness/poverty relief ministry that has a homeless shelter, food pantry, clothing distribution, home repair ministry, and various other community activities to help low-income families in east TN. Ginny was the Hispanic coordinator and dealt with the Hispanic clients of AO. She was a Spanish major at Carson-Newman and that is what helped her with the job. She also lived with Travis and I for about a month while she was transitioning from her AO job to moving back to Nebraska to live with her parents. We secretly think she did that to convince Kaleb to propose- HA! Anyway, they had a little girl last July and this was the first time we were able to meet little Sophia in person- she is ADORABLE! She slept in a pack and play in Sam’s room but before she went to bed, she had playtime in Sam’s crib. It was so funny! She was jumping around and playing with little lotion samples. Travis got our camera and took a couple of pictures. You can see more of the cute little girl by clicking on “Sophia” under “Our Photo Albums” on the right side of your screen.

She seems to be so proud of herself for standing in the crib without holding onto anything- such a cute girl.

One last thing, we are having a 3rd ultrasound done tomorrow (Tuesday) so be sure to check back tomorrow night to see some updated pictures of Sam! Travis and I are so excited- we can’t wait! We love little peeks inside of my belly. I want to know how he is positioned in my belly so I know what body part he likes to kick me with. HA!