Good afternoon/evening!

We had a 32 week ultrasound this afternoon and were able to get some excellent 3D pictures of our little Sam. I should probably not really refer to him as “little” since he weighs in at 4lb 14oz! The ultrasound tech said that we were on track for an estimated 8.5lb baby if I am full-term! WOW! There is nothing “little” about that! HA! Here is one of the pictures of Sam.

The ultrasound tech was really impressed with his chubby cheeks and she thinks he has a dimple in his chin! How sweet! In our last ultrasound, she made the comment that he had big feet. This didn’t really surprise us since I (Steph) don’t have the world’s smallest feet. Well, she got an excellent shot of one of his feet and was able to measure it. It measured 7cm- or almost 3 inches long! He is definitely going to have big feet when he is born, since they will only continue to get bigger as he grows more! Here is a picture of his big foot!

Based on the ultrasound he is measuring 34 weeks, but when the doctor measured me with the measuring tape, I still measure right on track at 32 weeks.

While we were looking at Sam, he woke up from his nap a little and yawned for us. Here is a pic of that.

There were lots of other pictures taken and I have posted them in an online photo album. If you wish to look at them, click on the picture below or on the album labelled “32 week ultrasound” under “Our Photo Albums” up at the top, on the right.

32 Week Ultrasound

Lastly, she made a video of him moving around. You can view it below.