**Warning: this is semi-lengthy with several pictures**

This weekend, my mom, aunt, Peeper, and I travelled to Kershaw, SC for a baby shower. It was a fun shower! There weren’t a lot of pictures taken with my camera (I am hoping my Aunt Jacky will email me some of hers- hint hint,) but I have included a few of my favorites.

My feet have finally been affected by the heat and my pregnancy. They are swollen the majority of the time now! UGH! I have been having to put bags of frozen english peas on them to help reduce the swelling. I am also trying to drink an exorbitant amount of water to keep the swelling down. At the shower, I was informed that I “had” to keep my feet propped up while opening gifts and I think it made for funny pictures!

The following pics are of some close family friends of ours. The lady sitting beside my mom (she is the woman in blue) is my mom’s best friend and my adopted mom. I grew up across the street from them and her son, Nathan, drove me to middle and high school (until he graduated and I was old enough for a license.) His sister, Bonnie, was able to come to the shower and that is her in the black and white shirt beside her oldest daughter. Bonnie and her husband and Nathan sung in our wedding. She also has an adorable 4.5 month old that I will post a pic of in just a little bit. The next picture is of a lady from Florence (and her daughter) who also lived in our subdivision and went to our church. Hannah (her daughter) was the flower girl in our wedding and her brother was the ring bearer. They are such fun people!!

The picture below is of the adorable back pack-style diaper bag one of the ladies got me. She had one for her son and LOVED it, so she thought she would get one for me. I had to leave it with her mom (the lady who hosted the shower) so they could have SAM monogrammed on it. I think it is very cute and very boyish!

After the shower, Mrs. Rose (the lady who lived across the street) and her family came back to my grandma’s to visit for a little while. Mary Rose (Bonnie’s daughter) really enjoyed playing with Peeper and I enjoyed holding Sarah (the aforementioned 4.5 month old.) I can’t believe how much she has grown since I last saw her in May- she is now wearing 12 month clothes! WOW!!! My mom wanted a picture of all of us (and Peeper of course) so we obliged.

Here are pictures of the completed crib and curtains. My grandmother finished the crib skirt, blanket, and harlequins for the curtains and gave them to me at the shower. I love all the fun colors and hope Sam enjoys them too!! There is nothing like homemade items from my grandmother!

Here are two attempts at getting all the gifts in a picture. My mom had to take two pictures because we also received our Baby Einstein Activity Jumper and it was too big to try to put in the crib with all the other gifts.

After this whirlwind visit from my mom and weekend, Peeper is exhausted. Here is what he looks like as I type this. HA!

I also received enough cash and/or checks to be able to purchase my other dozen of Happy Heinys cloth diapers, the diaper pail liner bags, and a wet bag for the diaper bag. I completed that order right before I updated the blog and am super pumped about FINALLY having all the necessary “supplies” in order to effectively cloth diaper Sam. Well, I guess, I am still missing Sam the part but he will be along shortly!

A brief little Sam update… he has started having hiccups! He had them for the first time Saturday night while I was sitting with peas on my ankles. Peeper was lying in my lap with his head on my belly (one of his favorite positions now) and every time Sam would hiccup Peeper’s head would bob up and down. It was hilarious!!!!

To view more pictures of the shower and some close-ups of some of the gifts, click on the picture below. Thank you for being patient and reading this rather long post. I will TRY not to be so lengthy in the future.

Kershaw Shower

*One last thing- videos have been updated on Peeper and Sam’s page, so be sure to click on the tabs at the top to check them out!