Well, Travis has been talking about creating a blog where he can write about things that interest him that might not necessarily pertain to our family. He has officially created it now, so be sure to go visit him. You can click here to go to it or you can look under “friends” on the left side of this page and click on “Travis’ personal blog” OR you can click on “Travis’ page” up at the top and there is a link on that page that will take you there. Also, if you just want to type the website address out yourself it is http://mrunderhill.wordpress.com and it has a Lord of the Rings reference, in case you couldn’t tell. I am trying to help him get some “traffic” on his site, so go visit and leave some love (aka- leave a comment.) I must admit, his posts are quite funny and best understood if you read them outloud, but if you are scared you will look like an idiot reading aloud to yourself then you can survive and catch most of the humor while silently reading. I hope you enjoy!!

Also, we were watching the video of the Afrikan swimmer from the Sydney olympics who could hardly swim. When it was over, YouTube recommended we watch a video about an armless swimmer who beats the other people. Call us cruel, heartless, etc. but we laughed HARD at this video. I laughed so hard that I had tears in my eyes and think I might have had a contraction (ok, not really…) Anyway, we wish they hadn’t stopped recording when they did because want to know how the fella got out of the pool. Please watch this video- it is highly entertaining.