I (Steph) was a thrower on my high school track team. For those who don’t know what that means, it means that I threw the shot put (8lb lead cannon ball) and the discus (thick metal frisbee- possibly weighed 4 lbs? Not quite sure though…) I was pretty decent at the shot put. My senior year, I competed in our regional track meet for shot put(1 week after having sinus surgery, I should add) and came in 4th place. This was 1 place off from being able to continue to the lower-state meet in SC. My throw was 33 feet 3 and 1/3 inches! This was also my personal best in a meet- I did have some go further in practice but, alas, they don’t count. Anyway, I was quite excited about that throw and have always been proud of that distance.

I just watched one of the qualifying rounds of women’s shot put for the Olympics and now realize how puny of a throw my “best” is. I just saw several women throw the shotput OVER 60 FEET! That is CRAZY! I was horrible at discus and 64′ (I think- I have tried to block most of those throws out of my memory) was my best in a meet. I did hit 75′ one day in practice but, again, those don’t count. For comparison, we had a girl on our track team who was good at discus throw over 100′ at almost every meet- so, yes, I was horrible and I can admit it. So, I have just seen women who can throw an 8lb shotput ALMOST as far as I could throw a metal frisbee!! That is crazy!

Man, seeing what those women are capable of and knowing how “weak” I have become since graduating from high school, I want to get back into the weight room and “bulk up” again. HA! Maybe that is the motivation I need to start a serious exercise regimen back up once Sam arrives. Travis and I go walking, but it isn’t very regular- just a couple to three times a week right now. My lungs don’t enjoy it too much since Sam has decided to take over some of the space they once occupied and I am TERRIFIED of doing anything that could possibly cause me to have an asthma attack while I am pregnant.

Ok, so I just found out from an online search that the woman, Valerie Vii from New Zealand, won the shotput event at this Olympics threw for 20.56m, or 67.45 feet!! Um… WOW!!!

Just for a good laugh…here is my senior track picture (as best as I could get it) that I can’t remove out of this little photo album that I have it in. Enjoy!!!