I love instrumental music of all kinds. I even love the “horrible” elevator music played in stores, doctors’ offices, elevators, etc. I am always impressed with the skill of phenomenal musicians such as Yo Yo Ma (cellist) and Anthony Burger (pianist.) I have YET to see Yo Yo Ma in person, but it is on my list of things to do. In fact, he was in the Raleigh-Durham area performing the week before we moved up here. UGH! I was SO CLOSE to accomplishing that goal, but oh well… one day it will happen. I have been blessed to see Anthony Burger twice in concert. I am go grateful for that even more since I learned of his death less than a year after the last time I saw him. He died February 22, 2006 and Travis and I saw him twice in the span of 2 MONTHS while we still lived in Tennessee. He came to our church, First Baptist Dandridge, for the first concert and was phenomenal! Travis and I sat on the second row and several times I had tears in my eyes while watching his hands fly all over the piano. The second time we saw him, he was at another church in our association, New Market Baptist, and we sat in the balcony. Again, it was amazing. When he was at FBC Dandridge, I bought 2 CDs and had them autographed and they are a part of my music treasury. It is amazing the talent that God blessed him with and his willingness to serve the Lord by traveling and sharing about God’s protection and provision in his life- his hands were horribly burnt as an infant and the doctors said he would never move his fingers. He tells audience members at his concert that he still can’t move his fingers- God moves them. Wow! Such a testimony! He died while serving the Lord- he had a heart attack while playing the piano on a Gaither cruise. I hope that when I die, people can say that I died while serving the Lord as well.

Anyway, every now and then, I hear instrumental songs that make me think about him and I will pull out a CD or listen to his songs on my iPod. Today, I was watching TV and “Rhapsody in Blue” was being played and I looked it up on YouTube to see if someone had posted a video of him playing it. There were some videos of that song, but not one that I really liked. Anyway, I did find one of the last Gaither Homecoming that he performed in. It was in South Africa in December 2006. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. PLEASE watch the whole thing- it is amazing to see how fast his fingers can go, how he can play and sing at the same time, AND he can play all over the keyboard with his eyes CLOSED! What a great man of God.