Today, I went to the Wake Forest Police Department and had an officer install Sam’s carseat. This is a free service to the public and, since we just got our property tax notice for our car, decided to take advantage of some of the tax money that we have to pay them! The policeman was super nice and actually did stuff that we had no idea we should do when installing a carseat- actually get in the base while tightening the LATCH straps so that adult weight pushes it down into the car’s bench seat. He said the carseat is supposed to “become one” with the car. He also applauded our carseat for Peeper and thought it was very responsible of us to keep him retrained in the car as well.

Speaking of Peeper, he performed his Olympic gymnastics routine that he has been practicing and I caught it on video. Leave a comment and let me know what you think! I think in 4 years, Peeper will DEFINITELY be ready to take on those “old” (sarcasm should be noted) Chinese gymnasts! HA!! Enjoy!

In pregnancy news, I am 36.5 weeks along. On Sunday, I will be full term, which is exciting. Travis took a picture of me tonight and when I saw it, I didn’t realize I am as big as I am. When I look down, I can still see my feet and therefore, didn’t think I was THAT big. I go to the doctor tomorrow for my first weekly visit where they will check for all the “labor stats.” Um, I am not really excited about it because I have heard it hurts, but I guess I should get over it since I am sure it doesn’t hurt half as much and pushing Sam out is going to! Here is a picture of me and my “big” belly. I have only gained about 20 pounds so far, so I am doing GREAT! Woo hoo!!