We went to the doctor today for our 36 week check-up (remember that number- it will come in handy in just a few sentences.) This was the first of the weekly visits since we are now 3.5 weeks from our due date. While I was getting all the pre-visit stuff out of the way (blood pressure, weight, problems, etc.) the nurse asked if we had had an ultrasound recently to get an approximate size of Sam. I told her the last one was at 32 weeks and he weighed 5 pounds. Her eyes almost fell out of her head! She verified that weight in my file (really he weighed 4-14, but what are 2 oz?) and then firmly stated that we will be having another ultrasound today to check on his size. She said that “big” babies need to be monitored closely so that they don’t run the risk of getting too big and cause delivery issues. I was OK with this because this meant that we got to have another “peek” at Sam. So, off to the ultrasound room we go…

The doctor that we were scheduled to see actually did the ultrasound, which was nice. He showed us lots of different “things” going on with Sam that were all indicative of him being under no stress and perfectly healthy. He also measured and informed us that Sam now weighs 8 pounds! Ok, really, he weighs 7-13, but then again, what are a few ounces with a baby that big?! Throughout the ultrasound, he just kept saying, “you make big babies.” Travis and I just laughed! We got to see his little pot belly practice breathing- totally cool! The doctor said that a baby under stress won’t practice breathe because he will be focused on other issues at hand. We also got to see him wiggling his fingers and waving at us- another good sign. We saw an ear (this was a first) and so, we know he at least has one. HA! We asked the doc if he could find his foot and show that to us. He located it and pointed out fat rolls that are already developed on his LONG fat foot- again, he is still taking after his mother in this department. He told us there was a scale (I don’t remember the name) used to determine the health of a baby in utero and Sam rated an 8/8! Way too go, Sam! This means there is a 1% chance of something going wrong in the next two weeks- which was very comforting to us. He also had a hard time getting a full view of the head because Sam had dropped so far down in my pelvis! WOO HOO! He did get a measurement of 9.5 cm! I will only dilate to 10cm, so I am REALLY praying his head doesn’t continue to grow or we will have problems! Anyway, back to the numbers- remember, I am “technically” 36.5 weeks. However, Sam is measuring in the 87.8 percentile and thus coming in at 39 weeks and 1 day! His head is measuring 42 weeks! He is taking after his dad in that area! HA! My mom says his head has to be so big in order to hold his highly intelligent brain. HA! Now, doctors don’t typically tell you this, but from comments from the doctor and the nurse, they don’t think I will make it my due date. I PRAY that I don’t I will definitely be giving birth to a toddler! They were pleased with my weight gain- 22 pounds (and 8 of that is Sam.)

Since I am now down to weekly visits, obviously I will go back again next week. I don’t know if, due to his size, I will have an ultrasound at each visit but if anything happens we will keep you posted. YAY! Please keep us in your prayers as we are seriously realizing just HOW CLOSE we are to getting to meet and hold our little boy. Scroll down to the next post to see a picture of me, so you all can see the belly and continue reading about what we are doing to get ready for Sam (and watch a cute video of our dog- hehe!)