Today, we went in for our 37 week check-up for Sam. Things are still progressing. I would like for them to progress faster but, I am one of those people that CANNOT wait for anything! The doctor told us I wasn’t dilated any (not a concern) but I was 80% effaced and Sam is at a -1 station. In “layman terms,” this means that my cervix is getting thinner (effacement- 100% is fully effaced) and Sam is moving downward (-1 means he is almost fully “dropped” down into my pelvis, his next station is “0” and then on to positive numbers +5 is crowned & visible and soon to be birthed!) Since this is my first pregnancy, we learned in our childbirth class that I should efface before dilating. Therefore, Sam is doing everything that he is supposed to, even if it isn’t up to the speed I would prefer. Tee hee!

In a previous post, Carseat, Doggie Gymnastic, and a BIG Belly, I showed a picture of our carseat and talked about having a police office install it. Well, someone saw this post and commended us on our placement of our carseat- in the center of the backseat, not behind the driver or passenger. They also left a link to a video that is on the Brain and Spinal Cord Injury Center’s website about a little girl named Alyssa. Travis and I watched the video tonight and I felt that it should be shared with whoever reads our blog. It is VERY good and makes you think about the importance of WHERE the carseat goes and not just that it is in the car and strapped down. Please watch this video…

The code wouldn’t work, so please click here for a link to the video. THANKS!

Stay tuned for Sam updates as they arise!