Ok, so I (Steph) am a product of being raised in the south. That being said- I LOVE COLLEGE FOOTBALL!! Since we found out that Sam is a boy all I can think of is him playing football when he grows up- his dad thinks about his playing baseball, by the way. In our house, the TV really isn’t on very much. However, from now until mid-January, I claim the remote on Saturdays and I watch college football. I don’t really care who is playing, although I do have MY teams. I love the fact that college students, for the most part, play out of love of the game and a way to fund their education. I do not enjoy the NFL because it seems that they play for the love of money- that could be another blog though.

College football starts tonight with South Carolina (boo hiss hiss- don’t like Spurrier) playing NC State (don’t really care about them either, but that will be who I cheer for.) Saturday is really the day that I can’t wait for!!!! All of MY teams kick off their season this Saturday- Georgia, Clemson, and Appalachian State. Now, you might think that I have a random assortment of teams comprising MY teams. I don’t tend to agree. I have an SEC school (Georgia- who are preseason ranked #1 by the way- GO DAWGS) and an ACC school (Clemson- because you HAVE to choose between Clemson and So. Car. if you grow up in the best Carolina- the southern one) and a Division II school (App. State- I know it TECHNICALLY isn’t called Div. II anymore, but anyway…) Every other year, I am faced with a HUGE decision- who do I cheer for when Clemson and Georgia play each other?! I am SO THANKFUL they don’t play each other every year because it makes my stomach get tied up in knots trying to make the decision. Unashamedly, I usually pull for Georgia because I have been an UGA fan much longer than a CU fan.

This Saturday, at 5pm, you will find me (and Sam) perched in front of a TV cheering for Appalachian State as they take on LSU. Now, I do cheer for LSU on occasion, but not this time. Not with what is hanging on the line- the TRUE college national championship (or that is how I look at it.) LSU won the Div. 1 championship this past January and LSU fans have been boasting of that all year. However, Appalachian State, being a Div. 2 school, wasn’t eligible to play in it. They did win their division’s championship though- for the 3rd year IN A ROW! So, this Saturday, you have the two national champions going at it for the title of “true college football champion” (a term I just created.) I think Appalachian State really has a chance given that LSU had several guys go pro after last season AND they have a brand new quarterback. Go Mountaineers!!! I wish Sam wasn’t still in my belly because I received an App State onesie and bib that would be PERFECT for him to wear to cheer on one of MY teams. Here is a picture of Sam wearing the onesie as best he can right now…

Following the ASU-LSU game, I will be watching Clemson take on Alabama. Now, while I lived in Alabama during college (Go USA!) I was informed that I had to choose between Alabama and Auburn. Not a difficult choice as I tend to be a heritage-puller, thus choosing Bear Bryant’s BAMA. I still will cheer for BAMA if there isn’t another game on that I care more about and I ALWAYS pull for BAMA in the Iron Bowl (BAMA vs. Auburn.) This Saturday, I will NOT be cheering for BAMA though. They are playing another of MY teams- Clemson!! Why the two of them are playing each other for the season opener is beyond me, but Tommy Bowden doesn’t consult with me when deciding Clemson’s schedule. Anyway, I wish Sam was here for that game too because I would change his clothes and bib in between the two games and would dress him in his Clemson hat, bib, and blanket- you can see a picture of all of it below…

I am SO GLAD that I will not have access to the Georgia- Georgia Southern game (it is on College Sports South pay-per-view) because I would be very sad…I still don’t have any UGA stuff for Sam. I keep trying to find some, but seeing how I live in NC now they don’t sell UGA stuff and if I go to SC, I can only find Clemson stuff. UGH!! Hopefully, I will locate me some Georgia clothes for Sam before the season is over- especially since they look like they will be having a good season, I just hope all this preseason hype doesn’t jinx them! Until I find some clothes, I do have a red diaper for Sam to wear during Georgia football games and I will make sure it is clean every Saturday so he can at least sort-of dress like a fan. Here is a pic of his red UGA diaper…

One last thing about UGA, I think it is TOTALLY awesome that their coach, Mark Richt, was in Facing the Giants- what an awesome testimony that was. Speaking of testimonies, if you want to read his (I strongly recommend it) click here.

I am sure, once college basketball rolls around (pun intended) Travis will be trying to find Sam some UNC clothes to wear to cheer on the Tarheels. I did do my nice supportive wiferly duties and I did acquire a cloth diaper in Carolina blue so Sam can at least cheer that way for the Heels. I am just not as motivated to search out more UNC stuff since I really don’t care for college roundball. I am a pigskin girl hoping to raise a pigskin boy.

We think that Sam has a great chance of excelling at football- he will be tall and we will make sure the boy has “an arm” thus making him an excellent QB. His mom and dad both have QB experience, so we can train him well. All I can say is watch out Peyton Manning, Samuel Wright is going to break your records! Ok, so maybe I am getting a bit ahead of myself, but like I said, I LOVE college football and I am excited.

So, on Saturday, don’t expect me to answer the phone after 5pm. I will be unreachable because Sam and I will be cheering on MY teams!! Go Mountaineers, Go Tigers (Clemson, that is,) and Go Dawgs! Man, I feel like a giddy schoolgirl just typing this post- I CAN’T WAIT!!

**Travis updated his blog and it is HILARIOUS! Please click here to read it.