Travis and I went in for my 39 week check-up this morning. We saw the midwife in our practice and I totally fell in love with her. I wish she delivered babies because that is the route I would prefer now that I met her. She was awesome! She pushed around on my belly to give us an “estimated weight” and she thinks Sam is about 8-8.25 pounds. That was encouraging. She told me to hunt her down after the birth and let her know if she was right or way off. At the 36 week appointment (when we had the ultrasound,) he measured 8 pounds. I have been informed that u/s’s can be off by +/- 1 pound. So, hopefully, ours was off by +1 pound and the midwife was correct in her estimate today. She also pushed on him and pointed out body parts to me. We have been wondering if he likes to stick his little booty out the side of my belly but she said those were his feet. HA! Poor guy, his feet are so big his mom and dad are getting them confused with his backside! Anyway, he is laying in there sideways, which is how he is supposed to be right now, and is facing my left side. She did feel his head and said he had a big head, so between his big feet and big head not too much has changed.

In the “is labor progressing” news, I have FINALLY started dilating! Woo hoo! I told Travis that if I went in and she told me I was still at 0 cm, I was going to cry. Well, she checked me and said that I was at 2-3cm, 90% effaced, and still at a 0 station. Woo hoo for progress! She also said that since he was at a 0 and was as low as he could be for now, that was a good sign that I had enough pelvic room to birth him. That was an answered prayer as I have been concerned over the size of his head and trying to figure out how it was going to get out. She told us some other stuff, but since there are guys who read this, I will abstain from sharing those things- HA! She said she didn’t think I would make it to my due date, which made me VERY happy as my hips are hurting more and more every day. She told me to set up an appointment for Monday (since my due date is Sunday) just in case Sam made a liar out of her (she actually said that) so I could have a non-stress test and schedule an induction date. I really hope I won’t be going in for that appointment because I really want him out.

Anyway, I have a feeling that these next few days should prove interesting. Hopefully, all of this will be over with soon and Travis and I can actually hold our little fella instead of poking at him through my belly. There is a part of me that wants him to be born tomorrow, September 11, simply because that would make 2 people in my family born on days when the US has been attacked- morbid, I know. My dad is a Pearl Harbor baby (not the year it occurred, but the day- Dec. 7th) and I think it would be cool if Sam was a “Twin Towers” baby. Anyway, I already missed the “Katrina” anniversary and being in labor on Labor Day chances, so maybe, just maybe, Sam will be cooperative with my Sept. 11th idea- we shall see.

Hopefully, the next time I blog, we will be in the hospital with a non-ultrasound picture to post of Sam!