I thought I would rephrase a Beach Boys song for my title- I am trying to keep my sense of humor, but it is getting difficult.

Well, we are supposed to go to the hospital today to be induced. We were supposed to call (which we did) to see if a bed was available and be there at 7:30am. Travis just got off the phone with the nurse and they are packed out. We have now been told to hang out and wait for a phone call from them. If we haven’t heard from them by noon, we are to call again. Can we just say that I am frustrated. I mean, I love sleep like the next fella and I had to get up at 5:45 to get “ready” to go to the hospital. I am “ready” but they are not. Can I go back to sleep? NO. Why? Because I am hungry, tired (but not sleepy,) and annoyed. Now, Sam has not only missed his due date but, has missed his induction appointment. I hope this isn’t indicative of our soon-to-be new life- always waiting on Sam to show up. Granted, he would be getting it honest- I have a HORRIBLE concept of time, unless I have an appointment and then I am VERY good about keeping the appointment and I usually arrive early- not our Sam, in football terms he is 0-2 in that area now (0-5 if you count all the other times I thought it would be “cool” for him to be born.)

One of the reasons I was excited about going to the hospital early is that my doctors work on a 24 hour shift and the shift starts at 7:30am. That would’ve given Sam 24 hours to be born before I have to change doctors. I would really prefer to not have to deal with changing doctors and I like the one that is at the hospital today. Hopefully, we will still not have to deal with the doctor changing…

Just keep checking the blog, if we ever get to go to the hospital I will post a quick note to let you all know. If not, I am going to do Internet research on how to do an at-home induction and just birth him here. People used to do it in the stagecoach era, so I am sure it is possible and with all the college degrees residing in our apartment right now, I am sure we could do it. (Ok, not really serious about this- just trying to throw in some additional humor.)

Oh, and where is my husband you may ask? In bed. Once he “broke the news” he crawled back in bed to go back to sleep- must be nice.