Well, Sam FINALLY came into the world yesterday (9/20) at 6:36pm. All in all the labor wasn’t too bad. I was induced at 9am, the doc broke my water at noon, I started pushing at 4:30 and Sam was born two hours later. He is a BIG boy and, in order to avoid a c-section, the doc used the vacuum extractor to get him out. Here are his stats: 9lbs 8oz, 21 inches, 14.5 cm head (diameter.) We had some “issues” once Sam came out and half the NICU staff came in our room- but it was all cleared up. I was able to see Sam for 2 seconds before they wheeled him off to the nursery to watch and examine his oxygen levels and then didn’t get to hold him until about 3 hours later. That made me sad but, Sam needed to be taken care of so it is ok. Here is what happened…

I was pushing and the doc told one of the nurses to call NICU in because of his size. Once Sam came out, we discovered that he had tied a knot in his umbilical cord AND had the cord wrapped around his neck. He didn’t seem to be in distress on the fetal monitor so the doctor didn’t think the knot was a very tight one. However, it had been blocking oxygen/blood flow to his body. Sam came out VERY gray/purple. Anyway, they took him away to his “space station” (aka the baby warmer) and worked on him and got him breathing/screaming. They quickly decided to take him to the nursery to watch his oxygen so we didn’t get very many pictures. I tore quite extensively and now have a super-sore bottom. I am on percocet for pain and it is about to knock me out so I will post some pics and end this post. I will update more later.

From Sam's Hospital Pics