Sam is one month old today and we are excited. To help us celebrate, Sam slept from 8pm – 10am with a break from 6:15 – 7:15 for a diaper change and bottle. What a great baby!! I think he was super tired from hosting visitors this weekend- Travis parents and brother came over Friday thru Saturday for a visit with Sam.

Some of Sam’s 1 month “milestones” are:
1. He has started smiling more and usually gives me a smile after he is finished nursing.
2. He is working on holding his head up. I don’t know if it is due to his birth size, but he has been able to do it since the day he was born but it is staying up for longer periods and he can turn it without it bobbing too bad. He just hasn’t figured out how to slowly put it down and still head bangs on my collar bone when I am burping him. HA!
3. He is trying to roll himself over (this is a new one as of last night) when we lay him on the couch. He can almost get himself sideways (a position he LOVES) and then stops. When he is in his Moses basket, he can get himself on his side as well and that is where it stops.

Things we have learned this month:
1. Parenting of a newborn is tough and energy draining. However, we wouldn’t trade it for anything. I have been especially exhausted after spending Thursday and Friday by myself with Sam. Thankfully, him sleeping last night made up for the lost naps and distracted night sleep I got while Travis was away. I love my husband and appreciate that he gets up to change Sam and feed him a bottle at night while I pump another bottle for the next feeding on the next night.
2. Poop is funny. Sam’s poop can look like a rainbow if you don’t block it with something while changing a diaper. We actually call it a poop rainbow and are wondering why no one told us about that.
3. How does Sam wet his clothes even when I put a washcloth over him while changing his diaper? The washcloth gets soaked but, so do his clothes! It is weird!!
4. Feeding and sleep needs to be whatever works for you and your baby. For us, Sam sleeps in his crib in his room at night and does GREAT at it (he sleeps all night except for waking, usually just once- at most twice, for a diaper change and bottle. We also have friends that have their baby sleeping in the room/bed with them and that works for them. I don’t think either way is better or worse, but I just know that Travis and I wouldn’t sleep well at night if Sam were in the room/bed with us.

Feeding is the same thing. We’ve been blessed with a baby that will nurse and drink a bottle without having any nipple confusion issues. This works great because Sam enjoys taking his time nursing which is something I don’t necessarily mind during the day. However, at night, my sanity can’t handle it so he gets a bottle. I’ve gotten lots of recommendations from friends and family to just stick to nursing, but I have determined (trial and error) that our system is the best one for us. Washing bottles doesn’t bother us but missing sometimes an hour of sleep and not getting naps during the day is bothersome. Besides, the most important thing is that Sam gets my breastmilk with all the good stuff that his little body needs.

5. We are still in amazement that God has entrusted Sam to us and can get overwhelmed thinking about what all that means. However, we are taking it one day at a time and praying for guidance frequently.

Sam, buddy, we love you and are looking forward to more little birthday milestones!!!

Love, Mommy and Daddy and big brother, Peeper.

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