The rules of the tag are as follows:1.Post the rules on your blog.2.Write six random things about yourself.3.Tag three people at the end of your post.4. If you are tagged, JUST DO IT, and pass the tag along.

1. I dyed my hair red once- it turned orange and my $5 hair dye ended up costing a lot more to be professionally fixed.

2. Like, Joy, I have something in my knee- rocks. I slid across my road playing softball in my neighbor’s yard while in middle school and some of the tiny rocks are still embedded in and they hurt when I go up stairs or do lunges at times.

3. I was a USSSA softball umpire for a couple of weeks- until tearing ankle ligaments and having a cast put on my foot. I did children’s games because the men’s games intimidated me- I only did their scrimmages.

4. I have/had (until Katrina) two birth certificates. One stating I was born on Feb. 4th (incorrect) and one stating I was born on Feb. 5th (correct.) When I turned 15, I wanted to use my Feb. 4th birth certificate so I could get my permit since the 5th fell on a Saturday that year- my parent’s wouldn’t go for it.

5. When I eat a PB&J I mix my peanut butter and my jelly together in a cup before putting it on my sandwich. It makes the bread not stick to the roof of my mouth which is a HUGE pet peeve of mine.

6. I am legally blind because my vision is 20/675 and legally blind starts at 20/200. I can’t SSI money from the government because my vision is correctable- bummer!

I tag, Cayman, Anne, and Jacque.

Keep reading on to the next post as we have now ventured into cloth and Travis expresses his opinion on our educational system.