That is what I felt like today when I put our first Happy Heiny cloth diaper on Sam. I had gotten down to 5 disposable diapers and wanted to save them for the diaper bag (or a quick diaper change if something went wrong with the cloth one) so we made “the switch” to cloth. So far… so good. Travis and I both have changed him and agree that it isn’t that different than disposables (we use the kind that are closest to disposable- not the cloth rectangle typically associated with cloth diapering.) Obviously, I haven’t done a laundry load yet since we just started. However, judging by the size of my trashcan and how it is almost half full now (we are on diaper #4) I will probably do my first diaper load tomorrow afternoon.

From More Sam Faces & Happy Heinys

Let’s just say that Steph is now nursing Sam, so the rest of the post is up to me (Travis). I really don’t know… oh wait BJ Upton has a canon for an arm. He just threw a frozen rope from center field and got Victorino out at home. If you can’t tell we are watching the World Series.

For those of you who are wondering how I am doing, I am doing well. All I have known for so long has been education. I have been either in school, during a school break, or between school (degree programs or such) for what seems to be forever. Now I work for an educational institution. I guess I will always be involved in education in some capacity. Yes, technically I am not a PhD until December. I am in the revision/correction stage of the dissertation process. I have defended my research to my peers, and passed the defense. They stood up and congratulated me as Dr. Wright. I was thinking on the flight back, and as I ate a Lobster roll at the airport in Detroit, “You know Travis, there will not come a time in life when you can ever say that you wish you would have gone back and completed a degree.” Archie has always told me that the attainment of a PhD takes the “ceiling off.” I am a believer in that fact. I am not a person who thinks everyone needs to go to college, not everyone has the ability or skill set necessary for the process. By creating an educational system that expects a college education of all, the quality of the education is diminished, grades are inflated, and we end up with a system designed more for producing graduates than educating students. Yes, there are some that will say, “Travis is it not elitist of you, since you have a PhD, to say that not everyone should attend college?” Yeah, I guess there are some who could say such, but most of those people have not seen as many students as I have, nor participated in as many years of education as me. I have seen so many students participating in higher education who were there because they wanted a better job, not an education, or were there because their parents wanted them to go to college (not because the student had the desire or motivation to complete the degree). Our society has made higher education a right, and not a privilege. That transformation has over time reduced the quality of higher education to the point where now a BA is equal to a high school degree 45 years ago. But you probably did not want to read about that… Sam is asleep, and in the bed now. I am going to give the blog back to Steph. Later, Travis.

I, Steph, have nothing to add and am getting sleepy so anything I would add would probably not make much sense. I will just end with another picture of our cute little boy who, like Travis said, is in his crib asleep and will probably stay that way until 7am-ish. Yes, we know, our son is awesome and we are very thankful for his good (um, great) sleep habits he has already established in his young life.

From More Sam Faces & Happy Heinys