Today Sam revealed his team colors, and you know…he actually looks like a football player.

From Sam November Pics

I guess Sam won the game he was playing.

From Sam November Pics

Apparently he did not see that Florida St. won 41 to 27. Oh well, maybe next week.

My family (parental) has never been big football fans; however, I married the daughter of a Greer High “Yeller” Jacket Offensive Lineman… let’s just say we now watch multiple games each week. I am a firm believer that football, especially the college and pro versions are quite dangerous, but at this point I believe Sam will be able to play if he would like. I could see him as a line backer or a tight end.

Now on to Thanksgiving…

I am so thankful to have such a wonderful wife and a beautiful healthy son. Sam and Steph walked up to the office this week, and while they were on the road, Steph took this picture. At this time, it is the greatest picture of Sam ever.

From Sam November Pics

This is also a pretty good shot…

From Sam November Pics

Did I say that Sam is cute? I think so, and I know you will too.
But I am his dad.

Now on to squirrels…
Friday Steph, Sam, and I went to the bank. As we were leaving the parking lot I saw a squirrel scamper across the road, what I did not want to see was his friend chasing him into the middle of the road. Let’s just say the squirrel stopped right in the middle of the road. He looked at me like, “please don’t kill me…” I slowed down and did he wait for me to drive over before he came out? no… He ran out of the side, between the tires, on the passenger side. At that moment I started thinking, I am such an animal lover, I hate running over squirrels. The last time I hit one it really hurt me. I cried, and it was really sad when I noticed out the rear-view mirror that I had not killed him. He was crawling, using only his front legs (since his hind limbs were broken), trying to get out of the road. I can only hope that it died shortly there after. If they were nasty rats, like nutria, I would not have a problem with them. These are cute squirrels, rodents yes, but squirrels. Yes, they taste good, but I have not had one’s brains for breakfast in quite a while. I would rather just watch them interact under the trees on campus.

Tell me this fellow is not cute.

I belive that I will develop a 13 week study (sold by Lifeway) that will teach squirrels to cross the road effectively and not torment me anylonger.


Sam’s Dad
Friend of Squirrels
Steph’s Husband