From Sam November Pics

This past Sunday, Sam went to church for the first time since he was born. Our church, Glen Royal Baptist, is a great little church in the Glen Royal Mill Village here in WF. It is less than a mile from our apartment, sings traditional hymns (using a hymnal,) and is full of caring, welcoming people. We love it there. It is a small church (we average about 50 on Sunday mornings) and Travis and I are looking forward to getting more active now that Sam is here. Since we are heading out of town next week, we wanted to get Sam to church so they could meet him. Sadly, we won’t be taking him this Sunday because there has been an outbreak of whooping cough in the triangle area and Sam hasn’t had any vaccinations and we don’t want to risk him being exposed. Therefore, I am glad we went this past week instead of waiting one more week.

Now for a funny poop story… (If you don’t want to read about poop stop reading now.)

From More Sam Faces & Happy Heinys

I breastfeed Sam and therefore, his poop is a thick yellow liquid-y substance. Lately, he has started pooping only once or twice a day and thus having BIG poops when he does it. Today, I finished nursing him and laid him down beside me on the couch. He started grunting (warning sign #1 of impending poop,) turned red (sign #2,) and looked at me with a frustrated and panicky look on his face (sign #3.) I knew poop was on its way! Well, I let him poop about 3 times (it is quite loud and usually takes 3 poops to finish) and decided to pick him up and take him to change him. I picked him up and carried him to the changing table. When I laid him down, I grabbed his leg to lift it up while I unsnapped his onesie. I felt something weird, so I look at my hand- it was VERY yellow. I then checked the diaper and the poop had shot out the side of his Happy Heiny. Now, you might think that if I used a disposable I wouldn’t have to deal with this kind of leakage. However, we have discovered that our Happy Heinys actually contain poop MUCH MUCH better than disposables. So, I remained calm and removed his diaper. There was poop EVERYWHERE in the diaper. I wish I had taken a picture but, there really wasn’t a chance for me to grab the camera since I was trying to keep wiggle worm’s feet out of the poop. I cleaned him up, put on a clean diaper (a red one, by the way,) and put the dirty one in the diaper pail. Then I noticed I had poop on my shirt from carrying him to the nursery. That got me to thinking… if there was poop on his leg, the outside of the diaper, and my shirt, then there is probably poop on the couch. I put Sam in his crib, for safe keeping, and checked the couch. I was right. There were actually two spots- one where he was laying and one where it had dripped when I picked him up. GROSS! I cleaned it up and you can’t tell it was ever there (thankfully) but, it is funny to think about. I have told Travis that I feel like my life revolves around bodily functions now- poop, pee, and milk, and this further supported it. Granted, I did remain calm during this whole adventure but it did take me about 30 minutes to clean everything up. Sam LOVES playing on the changing table while naked so once I got him clean, I played with him for a little bit and thus delayed the cleaning up. I think I am going to have one of those kids that prefers to run around in his birthday suit once he gets older- joy joy! Well, I hope you find my story as funny as I have and when I get another funny story I will let you know!
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