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The above picture is for those of you who may be wondering how our overly energetic, spoiled, basically an only child, rotten dog is dealing with the “rude” arrival of a little brother. You can, obviously, see that they get along quite well and Peeper is comfortable with Sam. He treats Sam well and has been known to give kisses on the feet and forehead. Yesterday, he even brought “porkzilla” (Peeper’s stuffed pig) to Sam for Sam to throw so that Peeper could fetch it. They are SO CUTE together and I can’t wait for Sam to be able to interact more with his big brother- who now weighs less than Sam, by the way.

Now for the steal of a deal… I subscribe to the Baby Cheapskate blog and read a post about a convertible car seat that was normally $280 on sale for $43. It also qualified for FREE shipping (an $18 value!) Sam’s estimated weight (i.e. we weigh ourselves and then hold Sam and weigh again for the difference) is 15 pounds. His car seat is only certified to safely hold him up to 22 pounds. Therefore, we KNOW he will be outgrowing it before he reaches 1 years old. A convertible car seat is one that will face backwards (which is required until Sam is 1) and then can be turned around to face forward. This specific car seat will fit Sam until he is 4’9″ or 65 pounds. By then, Sam will be ready to just ride without a car seat. This deal is available at and is online ONLY. This car seat is not sold in stores. I tried to paste a link to the actual listing but received an error message. Hopefully, that doesn’t mean it is a typo so that some of my friends and take advantage if they need to. If you go to the website, look up the Britax Marathon Convertible Car Seat in Granite. It is a dark gray color and there are SEVERAL marathon car seats on the site, so make sure you look at the “granite” one. I have been able to upload the .pdf file that I saved to my desktop to print off and show my grandparents- I am using my Christmas money for this car seat since, like idiots, it hasn’t been budgeted for. I have never inserted a document before, so I am ASSUMING you just need to click on the following. If you have problems, leave a comment and I will email it to you- no your email address will not be shown to the world. I will be the only one with access to it. britax-marathon-convertible-car-seat-granite-_-target Here is a picture of the car seat.

Woo hoo! I am so proud of myself!!!

**UPDATE- I just checked the Target website and it now says that the car seat is out of stock and the only thing you have the option of doing is adding it to a registry. If you are interested in this car seat, just keep checking and hopefully that status will change. If not, I am so sorry!

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