So it is 11:19pm as I start this post. As you can tell by the title, I am tired. Why aren’t I in the bed- because it is not time. I am doing the last thing I do before bed (not blogging by the way, I am currently multi-tasking) and then it is off to sleepy-land I go.

I sorted all of my Christmas pictures into family albums in preparation for this post. Don’t worry- I will not be posting them all on here. In fact, I really won’t be posting any except for one from a Christmas get together. I realized whilst organizing that we didn’t take any pictures at the Tesseniar Christmas (other than said one picture that will be posted.) ARGH! That frustrates me! I can’t even come up with a legit excuse for the lack of pictures. His granny wasn’t able to be there and I think that was part of the reason we didn’t take pictures. However, we didn’t even take pictures when we went to visit her in the rest home. We are such slackers and now we won’t have the opportunity- Travis spoke at her funeral today. I have heard he did a great job. I wouldn’t know- there was a 3 month old needing sustenance during his daddy’s message. I have NEVER been so frustrated about the lack of pictures until tonight. We did get a picture of Sam with Granny Tesseniar before she had to go live in the rest home and that makes me VERY happy- she was Sam’s only great-grandparent on Travis’ side of the family. I just wish you could see more of her face- I wasn’t the one taking the picture but, I still like it A LOT.

From Sam November Pics

The Tesseniar side of the family gets together every Christmas Eve. You can set your clock by it- 5pm Christmas Eve we are all at ??? Sandy Level Church Road digging into some yummy food. This year, there were 3 new additions to the family (via birth- more if you count marriages) and we took a picture of them together.

From General Christmas Pics

Sam is the cutie in the middle (of course) and on his left is James who is 4 days younger than Sam and Shiloh is on his right. Shiloh is 4 months older than Sam (I think.) Regardless, Sam does NOT look like he is 3 months old! He is almost as big as Shiloh! Sam and Shiloh are 2nd cousins and Sam and James are 3rd cousins. The Tesseniars are a big family. There are 79 (yes, that’s right- 79!) people in the “immediate” family. Immediate according to Travis consists of the matriarch/patriarch, their children and all their offspring. I’ve been a member of this family for 5 years and I am STILL meeting family members! They are a great loving family and I’ve enjoyed being a part.

Over the holidays, Sam did a lot of riding. I am surprised he doesn’t have calluses on his bottom from all the miles he has logged in. We left the weekend before Christmas and drove to the coast of Mississippi. Sam and I were there for a month and visited New Orleans and the surrounding areas along with Philadelphia, MS. Then we rode with my parents to SC for family Christmas #1. We met up with Travis (who went from NC to MS to NC to TX to MS to LA to NC during the time I was just in MS) and then headed to NC for Christmas #3, 4, and 5. The day after Christmas we went to SC for Christmas #6 and eventually, returned home to good ol’ WF and our “snug” apartment. Sam is a trooper- here is a picture of his attitude towards riding in the car so much.

From General Christmas Pics

Yes, that picture was posed. No, we didn’t really let him ride in just a seat belt.

I tried to get pictures of Sam at all the Welcome Centers along the way and have gotten SC, GA, AL, MS, and LA. I am only missing NC and will eventually get that one. Travis took our picture at the closest thing to a welcome center that we pass on our way from his parent’s to my family just over the state line. It is a “thing” (remember exhausted mind- needed word has slipped away) in Cowpens, SC (yes, that’s right- Cowpens) and is for a Civil War battle that was fought in a field in that town. They seem to be pretty proud of that fact and I am proud to be a South Carolinian so I am partial to the picture.

From General Christmas Pics

While organizing my disorganized thoughts, I had some random tidbits pop into my head. I have thought about blogging on them but decided against it. However, I will share some of the thoughts with you (in essence, I guess I am blogging about them) in no particular order. If Sam is a 95%ile baby, what does a 50%ile baby look like. Will Sam always be “above average” with regards to size- I think so. Does every mom think about poop as much as I do or am I just slightly obsessed with it right now? I found a picture of Peeper’s first teeth he lost. Am I a freak for documenting that “feat” for our dog? Why are all the houses in our price range in the ghetto of Wake Forest- yes, there really is a ghetto in “Yuppie-ville.” I can’t even begin to fathom how to spell Yuppie because my brain is tired. Why do the whites of your eyes turn red when you are tired? Why does Sam fight naps during the day but sleep all night? I put make-up on my husband today and he didn’t seem to mind. Hmm…. that is the best thought of them all so I will end on that one. I have a smile on my face just thinking about that. I wish I had taken a picture- poo on me for neglecting to do that- I’ll have to get better. Goodnight!!
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