Tonight, Travis and I enjoyed our first official date night since Sam was born. We went to Olive Garden since we received a gift card to there for graduation and Christmas. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Since it was a date night, Sam was not allowed to go with us. Therefore, we bribed Peeper and convinced him to babysit for us. JUST KIDDING! We took Sam to Deana and Matt Keathley’s apartment. He apparently enjoyed himself because he was all smiles when we picked him up. They told us he pretty much did what we told them he would do- very encouraging since he is SO PREDICTABLE. Deana played with him on his activity mat and she got to see him roll over! We were excited. I will get a video of it soon- he just started doing it consistently yesterday and today he figured out that once he rolls onto his tummy he is allowed to roll back onto his back. He is such a cutie. Matt is a gamer and he taught Sam how to play World of Warcraft on the computer. Apparently, Sam caught on quick and had a good game.

Thanks, Deana and Matt, we enjoyed ourselves and appreciate you guys keeping him.
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