…yet good at the same time. “It” is referring to letting Sam cry-it-out (hereafter referred to as CIO.) Yesterday he didn’t take a single nap and was whiny, grumpy, and fussy for 2/3 of the day- totally not Sam. This morning, it seemed that was the direction we were headed in again so I decided to heed advice I had been given and let him just cry. And cry he did! Well, it was more like screaming but anyway… I checked to make sure the only other people who live in our building were gone before I completely convinced myself to do this. I HATE living in an apartment when Sam cries or Peeper goes on a barking rampage. Well, it was just Sam, Peeper, and I in the building so I let him have at it. I put him in his swing (he was almost asleep in my arms as I was deciding to do this) and turned on a Praise Baby DVD so he would have nice soothing music and baby-appropriate content to stare at on TV. He stared at it for a little bit and then got fussy and then quiet as he stared some more. I took this moment to go to our room and get ready to take a shower- regardless of what Sam did. Well, he was quiet a little while longer and while I was in the shower I heard him start screaming (you know it’s loud if he is at the other “end” of the apartment and I am in the shower and I can hear him.) Well, I finished my shower and as I was toweling off Sam stopped screaming. I finished getting ready to complete silence (except for the DVD music.) He woke once for about 10 seconds and cried and went back to sleep. I dried my hair and am now typing this post while Sam is sleeping in the swing beside me.

I know that there are varying opinions on allowing babies to CIO. However, I think I am becoming a supporter because I know that when Sam wakes up he will be rested and happy again. I don’t like grumpy Sam. He sleeps all night but fights daytime naps most of the time. Once Sam wakes up and I nurse him, we are going to Barnes and Noble to get the book, Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Dr. Marc Weissbluth. It has received rave reviews from several people I know and it teaches you how to get your child to sleep without rocking and feeding, something we are guilty of- did it just last night actually.

Anyway, I will let you know how it goes. He is starting to wake up now.