Well, I am a Capital One cardholder. I have been since my seminary days (9 years ago- whoa!) Anyway, I decided during a rare nap one day to see if all C.O. account holders were eligible for the personalized card or if you could only do it if you were a new customer. Apparently, all cardholders can do it and so I created a personalized card! I received it in the mail this past week and am super excited! I don’t plan on going out and using it but it is cool to look at. I took a picture of it with my iCam and photoshopped the numbers off the card. I was going to post it on the blog but my dear, sweet husband says it looks stupid and that I should just post the picture that I uploaded. Therefore, being the good wife that I am, I am only posting the picture (for now- I might decide to be devious and post the other picture later.) All I can say, is that my card looks EXACTLY like the picture- it is SO NEAT! It is kind of hard to see my name on the bottom because the writing is silver and my name is over Peeper’s legs and other lighter parts of the picture. If you are a C.O. cardholder I highly recommend doing this. I also figure it will help if someone steals my card- they won’t look like anyone in my picture when they try to use it. Hopefully, that will raise red flags with the cashier that it is presented to!

From Mississippi Thanksgiving

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