You can read about the laundry detergent here and the carpet deodorizer here.

I now have a carpet cleaner! I still have a little bit of Resolve carpet cleaner left and so I decided to make some new cleaner to “try” before I ran out of the “good stuff.” Resolve has been replaced! I am not sure how this is going to work whenever I get a stain but I have another recipe for that. Anyway, we have a dog as you all know and I am paranoid that our apartment smells like we have a dog. I don’t want it to and so I keep trying new tactics to help me feel like it doesn’t smell. I have been told that our apartment doesn’t smell, so I know it is all in my head but, anyway…

If you want to make your own carpet cleaner that smells phenomenal and is SUPER SUPER cheap. Gather the following supplies…

From February 2009 Fun

The bottle I used is an old Bath and Body Works body splash bottle that I have recently emptied. It is the perfect size! The original recipe only makes 1/4 cup of the cleaner so I quadrupled it to make 1 cup. Combine in an 8 oz container 1 cup of distilled vinegar, 4 teaspoons of dish detergent, and 32 – 40 drops of lemon essential oil. The book, The Naturally Clean Home, seen in the picture is where the recipe came from and it recommended peppermint or eucalyptus oils. I didn’t want my house smelling like a cough drop so I didn’t choose eucalyptus and I didn’t want it smelling like a winter smell so I didn’t go for the peppermint either. I checked in the section stating what the properties were of the various essential oils and lemon and eucalyptus have the same properties so I determined it would be a good substitution. I also already had lemon oil for my carpet deodorizer so it kept me from having to buy anything! I sprayed some on the carpet at our door where the pee pad is and it smells so yummy in our house now. I highly recommend this cleaner.

If you have any questions about this or other “hippie” cleaning products let me know!!
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