… I am going to write about the insane week that I’ve had. It all started last Friday…

My mom calls and tells me my dad was in a wreck. He was driving my “old” Ranger (I guess, technically, it was old since it was a 96 or 97) when this woman pulled out right in front of him and so he hit the side of her car. He was only going 35 mph but he hit with enough force to deploy the airbags and crumple the front of lil’ truck. Lil’ truck has subsequently been totaled. Thankfully, my dad is fine- he is sore and has a bruise on his stomach from the airbag, seat belt, or steering wheel (he doesn’t know which.) This wreck left my parents with only my mom’s minivan now. My mom was in SC when it happened so my dad was car-less. He got a rental while he searched for a new car. Who wants to have only 1 week to search for a car? Definitely not me, or my dad. When Sam was born, they gave us their old minivan so that we would have two vehicles and I wouldn’t be stuck at home without a car. Well, jokingly, they are being indian givers and are flying up here today to drive that van back to MS tomorrow so Dad can drive it while looking for a car. We will now be going back to being a 1 car family. We are OK with it, we’ve gotten so used to just having one car the last 3 years that I know we will survive. We only have one car seat so storage of an extra car seat isn’t an issue either. I am just bummed about losing my parking lot storage space for the travel system stroller. I kept it in the van and took it out when Sam and I would walk to school- it was super convenient. Now, I don’t know where I will keep it because if it is stored in the Equinox then it will be on campus when I want to walk up there and I will have to find some other way to get Sam up there. If it is stored in our UPSTAIRS apartment, then I will have to find room to store it and carry it downstairs whenever we go walking which will also mean I will have to find somewhere for Sam to hang out while I do that because I can’t carry the stroller and the baby. Any suggestions?

Tuesday morning at 3:30am, Travis left our apartment to fly to Cleveland, TN to be a part of a SACS visiting team at a seminary over there. He was gone for three LOOOOOOOONG days. Tuesday, was great- I was productive, I kept the dishes cleaned and cleaned the house some. Tuesday night was when everything went downhill. Sam FINALLY went to sleep at 9pm-ish. Then, subsequently woke up at 10, 11, 12, 1, AND 2! I finally gave up and stuck him in the bed with me. He slept well. I didn’t. Wednesday, I was SO TIRED all day and that made me slightly emotional. I just sat around the apartment and cried- it was HORRIBLE. I forced myself to leave the apartments for lunch and supper and to walk around A.C. Moore and Target for the highlights of my day. Wednesday night, after he woke up twice with the last one being fussy for 1 hour, I put him back in the bed with me but rigged a sleeping arrangement so I KNEW Sam would be safe, I wouldn’t roll over on him and he wouldn’t smack me in the face. I slept much better but still not real good. Thursday, my excitement over the impending arrival of Travis around 5-ish motivated me throughout the day. His plane was supposed to land at 4:09 but didn’t land until 4:45! Then it took 45 minutes for him to get his luggage. It was after 6pm before he got home. I was about to go crazy! I missed my Travis SO MUCH- the suspense was wearing me out. When Travis walked in and Sam saw him, the smile that broke out on Sam’s face just melted my heart- he, too, was happy to see his daddy. That night, everything was back to our “new” normal of nighttime sleep- Sam wakes up once or twice a night now. Ugh!

Yesterday, Travis didn’t go to work and we spent the day roaming around town and brainstorming a way to add counter space and storage to our kitchen. Right now, I have the size of our cutting board of free space in order to prepare meals. It is insane and I feel like it takes forever because I can’t just clean up all at one time, I have to get something out and put it back immediately to have room for the next thing and I don’t like it.

I am closing this post with a picture of Sam. He is playing with some tub toys he received at a baby shower. He LOVES the alligator! I guess, even though he was born in NC, he is a bayou boy at heart. YAY!

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