I am entering a contest to win a wetbag. What is a wetbag you may ask? Well, it is a bag (duh) that is used to hold any wet item thus preventing it from getting surrounding items wet. 

“Steph, why do you need a wet bag?”

Because Sam wears cloth diapers and this will help keep them separate from other items. Because sometimes Mr. Droolster soaks his shirt and I have to change it because I forgot a bib. Because sometimes (in the near future) Sam will go swimming and I will need something to put his wet swimsuit in. Because everyone needs a bag to put wet items in, just in case…

The bag I am trying to win can be looked at by clicking here. That link will take you to the Planet Wise website. I like the “river rock” pattern.

Why am I sharing this with you? Because, by me blogging about it, I gain an extra entry into the contest. Feel free to go look at the Frugal girls website by clicking here but don’t enter to win the wetbag (unless you want to give it to me)- I don’t want the extra competition. HA!! You can also view the Frugal Girls website by clicking on the link under the heading over on the right entitled “Frequented Sites.”
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