Sam is asleep and he should be. He was awake from midnight to 2am last night because he got too big for his britches (aka PJs) and fussed until we figured out what his problem was. It is kind of embarrassing to admit it took us 2 hours to figure it out but small PJs was the LAST thought on the list of possible problems. We gave him a bottle (one of milk and one of water,) bounced him, rocked him, sung to him, laid on the bed and couch with him, gave him a teether, gave him Mylicon, changed his diaper, and FINALLY changed his PJs. It was insane. He slept until 9am this morning but then played in his crib until 9:45 so I didn’t let him take a nap this morning. Shortly after lunch he konked out and is now asleep in his crib. Hopefully he will nap for awhile so I don’t have a Sammy Grumpy Pants on my hands when he awakens.Tonight, we are going PJ shopping to buy the boy some PJs that fit. Who woulda thunk that an 8 month old would need 18 or 24 month PJs?! He has one of each size and they fit SO WELL. Craziness!!

Anyway, while he is napping, I am surfing the Internet for a few minutes before I get productive. I ran across a link to Eric Carle’s blog and got super excited. If you don’t know who Eric Carle is you should have your head examined!! No, really, you should at least head over to your public library and check him out. He illustrated the ever-popular Brown Bear Brown Bear book and wrote (and illustrated) The Very Hungry Caterpillar among other things. I love Eric Carle almost as much as I love ice cream! He is great! Anyway, he has a blog and it was fun reading it. He talks about what he does during the day. He lives in Florida mainly but spends his summers in North Carolina! We could be neighbors!! HA! He talks about how he finds inspiration for his art through every day items. He talks about how it is OK to make a mess for art’s sake. He shows pictures from festivals all over the world that have been held in honor of the 40th anniversary of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. It is great!!! Thanks to his Grandma Judy, Sam has quite a bit of Eric Carle stuff. Everytime I go by the baby section at Target I want to stock him up on some more Eric Carle stuff but haven’t. His favorite E.C. toy right now is this block that has the different animals from Brown Bear Brown Bear on it and when you touch them it says what that animal spies. For example, you press the Brown Bear and he says “I see a red bird looking at me” and then you press the Red Bird and it takes you to another animal. You can also press the animal and it makes the noise of the animal. Sam did that to the bear once and it kind of freaked him out a bit. I thought a bird had entered our apartment another time when Sam kept pressing the red bird. HA! Needless to say, we have had fun with this toy. Oh, I love me some Eric Carle. Everyone should check out his blog. I am posting a picture that I found on his blog below. If you are unfamiliar, or at least think you are, maybe this will spur your memory and you will recognize the Very Hungry Caterpillar. This is a drawing from before he goes “Pop!” What, you don’t know what I am talking about? Well, I guess you better get down to your library and find out or give Sam a couple of years and he will tell ya!

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